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The SEOUL CITY PASS is a transportation card for tourists.
With just this one card you can use the subway or bus up to 20 times a day, regardless of the distance or mode of transportation, and you can enjoy the Seoul City Tour Bus that take you around the downtown and palaces as many times as you wish.
● Available Transportation
1. Seoul City Tour Bus
The Seoul City Tour Bus is a tourist bus that takes you to all of your favorite tourist spots and shopping areas. By using the SEOUL CITY PASS you can board and get off from the bus at any time or place you want, all day, as many times as you like.
Using the coupons provided to you in the SEOUL CITY PASS Guidebook, you can go to famous tourist spots for either free or receive discounts.
The bus tours that allow you to use the SEOUL CITY PASS are the downtown tour and the palace tour co as well as the night tour.
SEOUL CITY PASS USERS can receive a 20% discount when going on the night tour.
※ The Seoul City Tour Bus does not operate on Mondays.
2. The Seoul Buses and Metropolitan Subway
There are about 400 subway stations in the metropolitan area, and approximately 10,000 buses running in Seoul. The cost of such transportation in Seoul depends on the distance you travel and whether you or not you change transportation, particularly buses.
With the SEOUL CITY PASS, you can use anytime and anywhere as well as for any transportation mode with just one card, without having to do any complicated math. (you can use the bus or subway system up to 20 times a day).
Transportation: Metropolitan subway and Blue/Green/Yellow Buses
※ You cannot board the Red Buses that are bound for Gyeonggi-do province and Incheon city with the SEOUL CITY PASS.
● Prices and usage
Category 1 day pass 2 day pass 3 day pass
Prices 15,000 won 25,000 won 35,000 won
Seoul City Tour Bus
(Downtown/Palace Bus Tour)
No limits; good for 1 day No limits; good for 2 days No limits; good for 3 days
Bus/Subway Up to 20 times a day Up to 20 times a day for a total of 40 times Up to 20 times a day for a total of 60 times
The SEOUL CITY PASS cannot be refunded once sold. However, malfunctioning cards can be exchanged to the same card at the place you originally purchased it.
Only 1 person can use a single SEOUL CITY PASS Card. (there’s no sharing.)
The SEOUL CITY PASS expires after 24 hours of each respective day depending on the type of card you buy. Therefore, you can receive more benefits if you begin use of the card in the morning. The card is valid for 1 year after purchase.

● How to use CITIPASS
For the Bus System (including Seoul inner city tour buses)

1) After entering the front of the bus, place your card on an electronic debit sensor machine located near the driver. The screen will display how much has been automatically deducted from your card as well as will let you know your current balance.

2) Before getting off the bus, place your card on another electronic debit sensor machine located near the back by the door.
Caution: If you don’t touch the sensor before you get off the bus, you may have to pay a full fare without a discount for transfers or you may be charged the longest-distance fare as a penalty. However, for a Seoul city tour bus, you don’t need to use your card when getting off.
For the Subway System
1) Place your card on an electronic debit sensor machine to get through the subway turnstile.
2) When you lift your card off the sensor, it allows you to pass through the subway turnstile.

→ For more travel information on Seoul, click here!
Date 02/12/2009

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