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      • Korean Language Programs and Studying Abroad in Korea

        • 07/12/2022


  • If you are seeking to learn the Korean language or already an avid learner, there’s no better way to improve your Korean skills than living in the country native to the language – Korea! For those interested in the Korean language programs or study abroad programs in Korea, see below for some helpful information and resources to get you started.

    Advantages of language schools & study abroad programs

    • Travel and learn
      at the same time!

    • Learn Korean through
      language programs
      offered by universities
      in Korea

    • Experience Korea’s
      latest trends
      as well as traditional culture

    • Excellent learning
      and living environment

    • Relatively
      affordable tuition

    Korean Language Program
    & Short-term Study Abroad Qualifications

    To apply for a Korean Language Program, you must have at least completed secondary education (academic level equivalent to high school education completion). The Korean Language Program curriculum usually runs from one to two years.

    To apply for a short-term study abroad program in Korea, you must be enrolled in a home university that offers study abroad programs to Korea. Offered courses range from one semester to one year.

    Planning for Korean Language Program & Studying Abroad

    The first step to applying for a Korean language or study abroad program is to browse for the school and subject of your interest. Universities in Korea offer diverse fields of study, with each course varying in curriculum and required time to earn credits. Therefore, students are strongly advised to check the curriculums offered by each school.

    Enrollment deadlines vary by school, so check the announcements posted on the school’s website ahead of time. Deadlines for spring semester applications are usually between September and November, whereas fall semester applications close between May and June. Thoroughly research requirements before seeking counsel with your home university or the institution in Korea to make the application process much smoother. Considering the time required for the enrollment and visa application process, we recommend planning at least 6 months in advance.

    • 1 12 to 6 months prior
      Look for schools, language institutions, and curriculums that are right for you

      Choose a program that is just right for you based on your Korean level, your goals, and what you seek to achieve as a student in Korea.

      Prepare required documents

      Basic required documents

      • Enrollment application
      • ID photo (at least 2 copies)
      • Certificate of graduation or enrollment of your highest education
      • Your financial statement with a minimum balance of $10,000.00 (USD)
      • Copy of passport

      * Additional documents may be required depending on your choice of school and program

    • 2 5 months prior
      Submit application and documents

      Submit your application and required documents to the school you are applying for. Make sure to double check the school’s website to confirm you meet the requirements and have everything ready before the submission.

    • 3 4 months prior
      Pay tuition fee

      You can pay your tuition either through SWIFT from your home bank or make the transaction through a Korean bank branch office in your country, if any. Keep in mind that international wire transfers take time to process, therefore consider making the payment in advance to meet the tuition fee deadline.

    • 4 2 months prior
      Apply for a visa

      A visa (entry permit) is required to study in Korea. The visa application requirements depend on your length of stay and your study program. It is advised to inquire the Korean embassy or consular offices in your country for the most up-to-date information.

      Basic visa requirements for a Student Visa
      • Visa application form
      • Passport
      • ID photo
      • Proof of your home address
        (resident registration, driver’s license, proof of insurance, etc.)
      • Processing fee
    • 5 1 month prior
      Book your ticket to Korea and consider housing options

      Once you can confirm that you are enrolled and your visa is approved, you need to book your ticket to Korea and look for a place to stay. Students are recommended to book a roundtrip ticket that allow flexible return dates.

      If the school you applied for offers student housing, it’s usually the number one choice for international students as school dormitories are cheaper and safer than other housing options. In addition, you will need a mobile SIM card that is compatible with a service provider in Korea. Although not required, student travel insurance is also recommended in case of any misfortunate events that may occur during your study abroad.

    • 6 D-day
      Your student life in Korea begins!

      All visitors staying in Korea for 90 days or more must report their stay at the immigrations office and apply for a foreigner registration card that will act as a personal ID during their stay. After you have your documents ready, including proof of admission to your school in Korea, make a reservation at the Hi Korea website to submit your files to the immigration office in your district.

    Korean Language Institutes in Korea

    • Duksung International Language Center

      Short-term course / TOPIK Prep Course (Korean, English) [email protected] +82-2-991-0486~0487
    • Ewha Language Center

      10-week Course (200 hours) / 1-week Course / TOPIK prep Course (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-3277-3183
    • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Center for Korean Language and Culture

      10-week Course / Spring/Summer Semester 4-week Course (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-2173-2260
    • Hanyang University International Education Institute

      2-week Course (30 hours) (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-2220-1665
    • Hongik University Korean Language Institute

      10-week Course (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-320-2373
    • Konkuk University Language Institute

      Summer & Winter Short-term courses / Business Korean (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-450-3075
    • Kookmin University Institute of International Education

      Summer semester 3-week course (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-910-5815
    • Korea University Korean Language Center

      Short-term course / Youth Summer School (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-3290-2973
    • Kyung Hee University Institute of International Education

      10-week course (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-961-0081
    • Seoul National University Korean Language Education Institute

      Short-term Summer Semester Course / 3-week Course / 15-week Course (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-880-8570
    • Sogang University Korean Language Education Center

      Special Summer Courses (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-705-8088
    • Soongsil University Korean Language Program

      2-week Course (Korean, English, Japanese) [email protected] +82-2-820-0783
    • Sungkyunkwan University Korean Language Center

      8-week Course (1 semester) (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-760-1345, +82-2-760-1341
    • University of Seoul Institute of International Cooperation and Education

      10-week Course (200 hours) (Korean, English)
      * Program information available in English, Japanese & Chinese [email protected][email protected] +82-2-6490-6672~6673
    • Yonsei University Korean Language Institute

      10-week Course (200 hours) / Summer Special Course / 3-week Short-term Course (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) [email protected] +82-2-2123-8551

    * Offered programs subject to change; refer to the official website of each school for detailed information.

    • Busan University of Foreign Studies Center for Korean Language and Culture Education

      2-week Course / 3-week Course (Korean, English, Japanese) [email protected] +82-51-509-5336
    • Pukyong National University International Student Services (Korean Language Program)

      10-week Semester Course (200 hours) (Korean only)
      * English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese available within the Korean website [email protected] +82-51-629-6915
    • Pusan National University Language Education Institute

      1-week Summer/Winter Short-term Course / TOPIK Prep Course (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese) [email protected] +82-51-510-1982
    • Inha University INHA Language Training Center

      10-week Course (Korean, English)
      * English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian available within the Korean website [email protected] +82-32-860-8273
    Gwangju Chungcheong-do Gyeongsang-do
    • Daegu University Korean Language Education Center

      10-week Course / 3-week Summer/Winter Semester Course / TOPIC Prep Course (Korean) [email protected] +82-53-850-5685

    * Offered programs subject to change; refer to the official website of each school for detailed information.

    More info

    • Study in Korea

      Provides information on universities and scholarship programs for those interested in studying in Korea

      Website: Inquiries: International Student Service Center +82-2-3668-1490 (Korean, English), +82+2-3668-1492 (Vietnamese, Russian, Mongol, French)
    • Korea Immigration Service

      Korea Immigration Service official website

    • Korea Visa Portal (Visa Navigator)

      See visa requirements and apply online

    • Hi Korea

      Online immigration services for foreigners in Korea

    • 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay)

    * This column was last updated in May 2022, and therefore information may differ from what is presented here. We advise you to check details before visiting.

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