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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

VisitKorea uses cookies that save and recall user information to provide personalized and customized services. Cookies are small text files that the website’s server sends to the user’s browser to be saved in the hard disk of the user’s PC. When the user visits the website later, the server reads the saved cookies to maintain the settings and provide customized services.
In the case of VisitKorea, cookies are used to save information about conducting surveys (CES or NPS) so that it does not appear twice to the same user. Cookies do not automatically/actively collect information that identifies individuals. At the same time, users may refuse the collection of cookies or delete them at any time.

Purpose of Use

VisitKorea uses cookies to provide personalized services through the analysis of members’and non-members’login frequencies, visit times, preferences and interests, degree of event participation, and number of website visits.

How to Refuse

Users have the right to choose their cookie settings. Therefore, users may allow all cookies, check each time a cookie is saved, or reject saving all cookies. However, there may be difficulties in accessing our services when cookies are rejected.
The following information is about cookie settings.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer includes advanced settings for personal information in its tools menu. You can allow or block cookies through Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Advanced > Advanced Privacy Settings. Cookies and autocomplete data from websites can be removed by deleting temporary Internet files.


Chrome provides the option to delete one’s browsing history in the Settings menu. Cookies and plug-in data from websites can be deleted using this function.

The latest browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, provide secret browsing modes. You may search using incognito mode (privacy mode) not to leave records of website visits, downloads, or general Internet usage history. Cookies created in incognito mode are deleted when all the secret tabs are closed.

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