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It’s not an exaggeration that Seoul is a shopper’s paradise. Areas such as Myeong-dong, Insa-dong, and Gangnam draw millions of international tourists every year to their renowned shopping centers. More importantly, each place preserves its own distinct culture. A traditional market with over 600 years of history is located in the heart of Seoul while other places specialize in splendid luxury brands, clothing, cosmetics, or electronics. Giant shopping malls for one-stop shopping are spread across Seoul, offering convenient shopping for international tourists.


Seoul Map
  • a  Insa-dong
    The Street of Korean Culture and Crafts Captivating International Tourists
    Notable Items: folk crafts and hanbok
    It is home to galleries and shops specializing in traditional Korean crafts. Countless tourists visit here to purchase renowned ceramics, hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), hanji (traditional Korean paper), folk crafts and more.
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  • a  Myeong-dong
    No.1 Tourist Destination
    Notable Items: cosmetics and character products related to Korean entertainment superstars
    Along with a daunting array of shops selling all kinds of trendy items, it is home to virtually every Korean cosmetic brand, forming the largest cosmetic market in Korea. It’s considered the most popular shopping district in Seoul.
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  • a  Samcheong-dong
    Sancheong-dong 01
    Where Tradition and Modern Artistic Sensibilities Meet
    Notable Items: designer clothing and shoes
    As one of the most unique places in Seoul, it is full of traditional houses (called hanok in Korean), chic cafés, and modern restaurants housed in refurbished hanok.
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  • a  Dongdaemun Market
    Comprehensive Clothes Shopping: from Fabrics to Accessories
    Notable Items: clothing and hanbok(traditional Korean clothing)
    The focal point of the Korean fabric and clothing industry, anything related to fabrics, clothing, and fashion accessories can be found here. Home to wholesale and retail business, a plethora of giant shopping malls are located here as well.
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