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One-of-a-kind Wares at Gukje Market

Gukje Market, the largest traditional market in Busan, is a place steeped in history. Gukje Market humbly began during the Korean War in 1950 as a place for war refugees to try to eke out a living, soon growing into a large, busy market. Even today, the area is bursting with the old-fashioned marketplace spirit, similar to that of Namdaemun Market in Seoul. Shops in Gukje Market sell an assortment of new and used items. Since vendors deal in both wholesale and retail sales, the average customer can purchase various items at incredibly inexpensive prices. Though still one of Korea’s most popular markets, the Gukje Market used to be the very center of commerce as both military supplies for the U.S. armies and imported goods came through the neighboring port city. The Market is located near several other tourist attractions in Busan: the Bupyeong Market, Jagalchi Market, and Nampo-dong.

Treats to Tempt All: Bupyeong Market
Across from Gukje Market is Bupyeong Market. It’s often referred to as Kkangtong Market (kkangtong meaning ‘cans’ in Korean) since canned goods used to be the market’s primary type of merchandise. Nowadays, of course, Bupyeong Market sells virtually everything from domestic to imported goods. There’s something for everyone; sweet snacks for the kids and a variety of cookware for those building a nest. Quality clothing and bags are available at inexpensive prices year-round. There’s so much to see that visitors will need way more than just a day to see all there is to see at Bupyeong Market.

Tourist Information Center

  • Changseon Tourism Information Center

    Located in the heart of Gwangbok-dong, five minutes from Exit #1 of Nampo-dong Station, the center is open year-round. Interpretation services are available in English, Japanese, and Russian, and information and maps are displayed at the center electronically.

    1. • Hours: 09:00~20:00
    2. • Tel: +82-51-242-8253
    Changseon Tourism Information Center

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