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“Hallyu” – Korea’s wave of cultural content to flourish at CEL...
  • Date04/07/2016
  • Hit65472
Date04/07/2016 Hit65472
Korea ‘springs’ into action to welcome several mega internatio...
  • Date04/07/2016
  • Hit62453
Date04/07/2016 Hit62453
Winter Festival marks 2-year run-up to PyeongChang 2018
  • Date01/12/2016
  • Hit68856
Date01/12/2016 Hit68856
Korea’s recent mega fam created plenty of K-Smiles!
  • Date12/04/2015
  • Hit67479
Date12/04/2015 Hit67479
Gimje Horizon Festival a key event for Korea
  • Date09/22/2015
  • Hit64929
Date09/22/2015 Hit64929
“Write your name in Korea” campaign
  • Date09/03/2015
  • Hit48940
Date09/03/2015 Hit48940
The London Korean Festival fills Trafalgar Square to capacity
  • Date08/10/2015
  • Hit35937
Date08/10/2015 Hit35937
Ditch oily food for spicy Korean cabbage ‘kimchi’ & get health...
  • Date08/06/2015
  • Hit32621
Date08/06/2015 Hit32621
UK versus Korea! World champion break dance battle in Trafalga...
  • Date08/03/2015
  • Hit26173
Date08/03/2015 Hit26173
Family Festival in Trafalgar Square - ‘London Korean Festival’...
  • Date06/25/2015
  • Hit45050
Date06/25/2015 Hit45050
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