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Unbox your Korea: Korea Tourism Organization to give away 200 vegan recipe kits

  • Date07/02/2021
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On 1 July, the Korea Tourism Organization London (KTO) launched a vegan K-Box campaign to showcase the diversity of cuisine on offer and inspire future travel to Korea. The campaign also provides the chance to win one of 200 Korean vegan food boxes, and a serious serving of wanderlust.

Whilst UK consumers can't currently travel to Korea, KTO has teamed up with meal kit specialist Feast Box to bring the UK a taste of Korea with their Vegan Korean Party Boxes. Experience vegan Korean food from home with the vegan meal kits which cater for four to six people - perfect to enjoy with family and friends. Cook up five completely vegan Korean dishes and throw your favourite people the tastiest plant-based dinner party ever.

What’s in the box:

Spicy Cauliflower Wings

Courgette & Spring Onion Pancakes

Spicy Crispy Tofu

Vegetable & Glass Noodle Stir Fry (Japchae)

Kimchi Fried Rice

With its diverse flavours and unique health benefits, Korean cooking has captured the attention of foodies worldwide. But looking back at the history of the cuisine reveals a strong focus on plant-based ingredients, with meat and dairy used sparsely or even left out.

Korean temple food in particular originated over 1,600 years ago and is based on the Buddhist principles of zero waste and sustainability as well as being entirely vegan. The mountains of Korea, where temples are traditionally built, are the ideal place to source natural, fresh ingredients which are crafted into nutritious dishes packed with flavour.

The best place to try vegan Korean food is at one of the many temples which open their doors to visitors for “templestay” experiences – usually a one- or two-night stay including meals, meditation and craft workshops.

You can also experience temple food and culture at various restaurants in Seoul, including the famous Balwoo Gongyang. But you’ll find vegan-friendly dining wherever you go in Korea – a useful phrase is “고기를 빼주세요 / gogireul bbaejuseyo” which means “please leave out the meat”.

Enter into the prize draw for the chance to win one of 200 boxes:


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