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‘Descendants of the Sun' Star Song Joong-ki in new KTO commercial

  • Date08/04/2016
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The Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism (Minister Kim Jongdeok) and Korea Tourism Organization (CEO Jung Chang Soo) are proud to present a new international advertisement in mid-August, showing Korea's creative beauty on major TV channels throughout the world, as well as online and through social media networks.


The new commercial features 'Descendants of the Sun' actor and top ‘Hallyu’ star, <a href="" target="_blank">Song Joong-ki</a> before various backgrounds showing the charming creativity found only in Korea. Experience a creativity found in the 'Korean people', the creative reinterpretation of tradition through 'Korean food', the creative 'vibe' of passion that is a part of life in Korea, and the exciting never-sleeping 'nightlife' culture that make up some of the most creative aspects of Korean tourism.


The target audience of the new advertisement is 20-30 year olds throughout the world who are interested in ‘Hallyu’. These fans will be drawn to the filming of Song Joong-ki, but the video will feature a brand new approach in presenting the typically enjoyed and familiar tourist activities such as shopping, eating, and more.


KTO has planned a staggered release of the video, through a Chinese teaser video online on August 2, a YouTube advertisement in the Southeast Asia region on August 9, and appearance on local TV channels in China, Japan, Taiwan and more on August 23. In addition to the video raising awareness of Korea's attractiveness as a tourist destination, a global campaign is planned to release in September, providing the chance for people who have visited Korea to think of their fond memories, as well as consider planning a return trip. The various methods of release are part of an all-inclusive marketing plan.


KTO's Brand Marketing Team Leader Jung Sung Ae stated “We are expecting an excellent outcome of 16.5 million visitors this year thanks to our Global Marketing Campaign, spreading KTO's new advertisement featuring hallyu star Song Joong-ki through online and offline channels throughout the world."


Commercial teasers:


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