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[Korea Plaza KL] Sejong Korean Language Class January 2022 Intake

  • Date12/27/2021
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Looking for a professional and interactive course of Korean language?

Korea Plaza offers a Free graduate-level course of Korea language with the recognition from King Sejong Institute to all of you. There are a total of 4 proficiency levels and all the teachings and study material are based on the syllabuses from the King Sejong Institute.

Sejong 1 - suitable for members with zero knowledge of Korean language

Sejong 2 - suitable for members with strong basic knowledge of Korean language

Sejong 3 - suitable for members with advance knowledge of Korean language and able to write a short essay

Sejong 4 - suitable for members with advance knowledge of Korean language, able to converse and write a long essay

The course consists of 20 weeks of curriculum and 1 week of examination (5 months per level). Attendance are compulsory! Students who fail to meet 70% attendance will not be qualified for the certificate from King Sejong Institute. The passing score for the exam is 60%. Any scores below than 60% are considered failures and therefore no certificate will be given.

Kindly refer to this JANUARY 2022 Intake schedule first before register:

To register, please fill up the details in these google forms:

1A -

1B -

1C -

1D -


2A -

2B -


Level 3 -

Level 4 -

See you guys soon!

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