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Healing & Meditation

PARK ROCHE Resort & Wellness

A Resort Dedicated Only to Rest and Thought

PARK ROCHE Resort & Wellness is a place to dedicate yourself to rest and healing, in the bosom of the beautiful nature and the mountains that surround the complex. Its wellness programs cater to the challenges that we face in our lives today.

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PARK ROCHE Resort&Wellness is located is Sugam-ri, which literally means “overnight stay on a rock.” The name originated from a legend in which King Gal of Maekguk of the Korean Samhan Period fled from a war and fell into deep sleep on a rock. Similarly, “roche” means “rock” in French. As its name suggests, all the programs provided by the resort focus on recharging the body and mind through deep sleep.

A Harmony of Nature and Dignified Space

There are many places that offer wellness programs in every corner of the resort. On the first floor and in the basement, you can find signature spaces that represent “mindfulness,” a key concept of wellness, and a large-scale meditation room. On the second floor, you can take advantages of the Wellness Club, equipped with yoga room, group exercise room, gym, meditation room, library, Sugam Lab, and spa. The campfire zone and glass house in the outdoor garden allow you to enjoy the beautiful four seasons in Jeongseon. On the rooftop, with its beautiful panoramic view of Gariwangsan Mountain, Dutasan Mountain, and Odaecheon Stream, you can benefit from multiple programs that vary depending on season. Sunset and sunrise yoga classes are signature programs provided on the rooftop that will captivate you with its breathtaking surrounding scenery.

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Everything for Wellness

Given its dedication to wellness, you would expect the resort to offer a diverse range of wellness programs. Indeed, the resort delivers in this promise. PARK ROCHE Resort & Wellness is a great place to restore your health in body and mind, and experience wellness programs that you couldn’t find in other places. Its Wellness Club is made up of the yoga and meditation center, which offers various yoga, therapy, and meditation options; GX room, a place to learn exercise techniques from wellness specialists; fitness center, equipped with exercise equipment; and the treatment room, which offers PARK ROCHE’s unique spa and healing techniques.

“Aqua Club” in particular has drawn considerable attention in the Korean SNS. It is a collection of outdoor and indoor spa, outdoor jacuzzi, and sauna facilities that customers staying in the resort can use without limitation during their stay. The outdoor spa in particular offers a stunning view of the Gariwangsan Mountain, Dutasan Mountain, and “Blue Stone”, an art piece created by the British artist Richard Woods. The indoor spa offers small-scale courses in “aqua fitness”, which makes use of buoyancy, viscosity, drag, pressure, vortex, and other qualities of water. Once you have taken care of your body, you move on to take care of your heart. Farm experiences take you along the chefs in the hotel for harvesting vegetables or feeding the cows at PARK ROCHE, while cooking classes offer you a chance to experience soft tofu-making, as one of the most famous dishes offered in Gangwon-do, or tofu cookies as a healthy and delicious snack. Walking meditations take you into the untouched nature of Jeongseon to find your peace, Sugam meditation helps you find a way to ensure a deep sleep, and mindfulness programs help you observe your breathing patterns and teach you how to stabilize your mood. With these programs, healing of your body and mind is easier than ever in PARK ROCHE Resort & Wellness.

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PARK ROCHE Resort & Wellness
  • ∨ +82-33-560-1111
  • ∨ Reservation required
  • ∨ Room rates vary depending on season and wellness programs: Free for those staying at the resort (except for certain programs)
  • ∨ Parking Available
  • ∨ 9-12, Jungbong-gil, Bukpyeong-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do


How to Get the Most out of the Wellness Programs

Programs at PARK ROCHE Resort & Wellness differ by weekday. To gain access to a wider variety of programs, it can be a good idea to stay for about three days, so that you have access to a greater variety of programs. At present, however, participation in the programs are limited according to quarantine regulations. You should check the programs for availability before making your reservation. All programs can be reserved from two days before the check-in date. Paid programs can be reserved in advance regardless of your check-in date.

Things To Do

Jeongseon Rail Bike
Jeongseon Rail Bike
This is the first rail bike in Korea, running between Gujeol-ri Station to Auraji Station at 15-20 kmph.
∇ 745, Nochusan-ro, Yeoryang-myeon, Jeongseon- gun, Gangwon-do
Auraji Lake
Auraji Lake
This lake is the origin of the Jeongseon Arirang, the No. 1 Intangible Cultural Asset of Gangwon-do.
∇ 69, Auraji-gil, Yeoryang- myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
Hwaam Cave
Hwaam Cave
This is a former gold mine that was used during the Japanese Forced Occupation period.
∇ 12, Hwaamdonggul-gil, Hwaam-myeon, Jeongseon- gun, Gangwon-do
Donggwang Sikdang
Donggwang Sikdang
This restaurant serves one of the most famous dishes in Gangwon cuisine, “kotdeungchigi”, or hand- made buckwheat noodles in soybean paste broth.
∇ 27, Noksong 1-gil, Jeongseon-eup, Jeongseon- gun, Gangwon-do
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