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Healing & Meditation

Healience Seonmaeul

Age Well in Nature

Healience Seonmaeul is a place that seeks to embody the universal laws of nature, and it does so by encouraging a lifestyle that takes things slower than the hectic tempo of the civilization.

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Healience Seon Maeul Healing Resort, also known as the Zen Village, was created by Lee Sihyeong, a practitioner of natural medicine, from an inspiration gained on a helicopter trip that showed this peaceful and expansive land in the middle of a forest. Its location at Jongjasan-gil road, Hongcheon-gun, is 250m above sea level. The village seems to be made for strolls, as even a walk from the accommodations to the dining hall offers a wonderful trail for walking. Once you have a healthy meal made from natural foods and take a leisurely walk on the hill, you do not need further exercise to stay fit.

An easy stroll continues while you are participating in programs like yoga or relaxing in a carbon spa. Breathing deeply while you’re climbing a hill is natural medicine to strengthen your heart and legs and to stabilize autonomic nerves. This is why Seonmaeul, which provides programs to prevent and treat a number of modern diseases by experts, suggests walking as the first tool to fix lifestyle diseases, which deteriorate the quality of life and can be chronic if the proper treatment time is missed. The secret of healthy longevity isn’t that far away.

Healing Effect from Intended Discomfort

The lodge in Seonmaeul has a big, clean window. Instead of TVs and computers, you can hear the sounds of nature through the window from the mountain and clear sky. There is the blessing of the sun in the morning, and brilliance of stars at night. Instead of watching TV or talking on a mobile phone, you can meditate and have time to sit absent-mindedly and think. With discomfort by removing conveniences, the five senses of your body are excited so that you can be moved only with the feeling of the ground under your feet or the scent of a flower at the tip of your nose. Going trekking with a professional guide, lowering your body under the forest’s energy, doing meditation lying down, which is as sweet as a restful nap, and trying to sleep by relying on darkness instead of lights with electromagnetic waves present you with true relaxation from hectic days

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Develop Proper Basic Habits with Healing Programs

For a more concrete experience, the rest stay program is recommended. This program features basic accommodations, meals, contemporary Hanbok (Korean costumes), free use of additional facilities including carbonated spring and bedrock bathing, as well as daily programs which are different every day. By practicing daily programs with the main theme of trekking, exercising, meditation, and nutrition lectures four right habits to cure lifestyle disease can be experienced.

The first right habit is about diet. At Healience Seonmaeul, participants can think about what and how to eat to prevent diseases and improve health conditions. On top of the theory class, you can learn tips to practice, for example, changing the order of eating like having high-fiber snacks an hour before meals and eating a dessert first for meals. You can learn by experience that you can decrease the portion of an entrée if you have a balanced meal with mild-tasting side dishes.

Second is the “exercise habit”. From stretching with small devices to staircase climbing and 30-minute walk at least two times a day, you learn small exercises that you can fit into your daily schedule regardless of the location with the help of expert trainers.

The third one is about mind. You can learn how to manage stress and build right habits for the mind in order to tame the soul including practicing more than one meditation every day, appreciating small things, breathing deeply more than three times when angry, and calming down by reading a book once a week. The last one is about life rhythm. You can learn and practice methods for sleeping, foot baths and lower-body bathing in order to maintain the best condition during everyday life. The one-night, two-day healing program includes a well-organized schedule to learn and practice the four right life habits.

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Healience Seonmaeul (Zen Village)
  • ∨ +82-1588-9983
  • ∨ Operating time is subject to change depending on programs
  • ∨ Reservations required
  • ∨ Shim Stay Full Package (2-person, 1 night 2 days) KRW 230,000 for standard season, KRW 260,000 for peak season
  • ∨ Parking Available
  • ∨ 122, Jongjasan-gil, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do


Healience Seonmaeul's Special Programs

Healience Seonmaeul is a perfect place to visit with your loved ones including family members, friends, and partner. It offers a wide range of programs that enable people across generations to develop four essential habits and learn how to stay healthy. From different themed programs such as a detox session for improving your self-healing ability, a therapy session for relieving stress, and a meditation session for self-reflection, you can choose whatever suits you best. Get the chance to take a rest while enjoying seasonal changes in beautiful Jongjasan Mountain.

Things To Do

Baebawi Canoeing Town
Baebawi Canoeing Town
This village is situated near the Hongcheongang River, a slow-flowing and shallow river that offers an ideal condition for canoeing.
∇ 153-3, Magok-gil, Seo- myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
Sutasa Temple
Sutasa Temple
Many visitors find an ideal place to heal in this temple, which sits near a lush pine forest and a refreshingly cool valley.
∇ 473, Sutasa-ro, Yeonggwimi- myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
Gongjaksan Eco Forest
Gongjaksan Eco Forest
This forest is famous for its Sanso- gil Trail, which connects to Gwongso, suspension bridge, and Yongdam Falls.
∇ 409, Sutasa-ro, Yeonggwimi-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon- do
Hongcheon Art Camp
Hongcheon Art Camp
This accommodations and recreational facility was remodeled from the former site of Daebong School.
∇ 699, Ahopsari-ro, Naechon- myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
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