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Geumgangsong Ecorium

Resting in the Forest of the Royal Court

The pine forest at Sogwang-ri, an isolated area located deep within the Nakdongjeongmaek Mountain Range (old name for the southern part of the Taebaek Mountains), has the interesting distinction of being a property for the Royal Court of Joseon, closed off to the public since the reign of King Sukjong. Today, it is home to nearly 80,000 Geumgang pine trees, occupying a land area of 1,800ha (eight times the size of Yeouido Island).

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Opened in 2019, Geumgangsong Ecorium is a forest leisure accommodations facility that takes its theme from the Geumgang pine trees of the area. It consists of the Suryeondong, which houses the accommodations, and Geumgangsong Exhibition Center, Geumgangsong Healing Center, Red Clay Sauna, spa, yurt, and Geumgangsong Forest Trails. Its amenities are both new and well-maintained, so you are certain to have a comfortable stay there. The Healing Center offers a variety of programs under the themes of rest, calm, and healing in the Geumgang pine forest.

A Systematic Wellness Experience Through the Re;Birth Stay Program

Geumgangsong Ecorium’s “Re;Birth” is a systematic wellness program that purifies the body and mind according to a well-defined schedule. Activities included in the program include forest trail trekking, yoga, and others that allow you to focus only on the act of healing.

Participants start off with an orientation program, which begins on 2:00 p.m in the Healing Center, and continue to activities like pine leaf soap-making, yoga, and Chahun meditation. In Chahun meditation, you inhale the warm steam from a hot cup of tea to purify your face and body.

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A Room Full of Geumgang Pine’s Fragrance

Geumgangsong Ecorium’s accommodations follow the style of high-end housing estates. You can choose between a variety of room configurations, from 2-4 person rooms to 5-6 and large rooms designed to accommodate more than 10 people. All units are detached to ensure your privacy. The interior makes heavy use of Geumgang pine timber, which fill the room with a refreshing scent of pine trees. Although there is a kitchen sink, cooking is prohibited in the rooms themselves, which help to keep the room in a good condition. In fact, some rooms allow you to lie down and watch the stars through a skylight. The lights around the Suryeondong building are turned off at 10 p.m to assist the visitors in stargazing.

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The Story Behind the Geumgang Pine

You can visit the Geumgangsong Exhibition Center at the entrance to the complex to learn more about the pine trees. Pine trees native to Korea include Jeoksong (red pine), Geumgangsong (Geumgang pine), and Haesong (sea pine). Geumgang pine is distinguished by its straight profile. Because of this quality, Geumgang pine has been widely used as timber, especially in the construction of palaces and temples. Geumgang pine is also known as Hwangjangmok. “Hwangjang” here refers to the yellow core of the tree. Because of its firmness, it has been used to construct the coffin for the royalty.

The Geumgang pine colony at Sogwang-ri, Uljin-gun, was cut off from the general public until very recently, due to its designation as a Protected Area for Forest Genetic Resources. In 2011, a part of the old pass called Sibiryeong was restored. This pass served the merchants of Uljin, who plied their trade in the inland regions of North Gyeongsang and the southern Gangwon regions in the past. If you want to go for a trekking trip in the area, you must make a reservation at the official webpage of the Korea Forest Service. It is recommended that you take clothing and shoes optimized for trekking as well.

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Geumgangsong Ecorium
  • ∨ +82-54-783-8904
  • ∨ 09:00~21:00 (closed every Tuesday)
  • ∨ Reservation required
  • ∨ One-Person Package (1 night 2 days, Re;Birth stay program) KRW 149,000, Two-Person Package KRW 199,000 (depending on the season)
  • ∨ Parking Available
  • ∨ 552, Sibiryeong-ro, Geumgangsong-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • pinestay.com


Pickup Services

For visitors using pubic transportation, Geumgangsong Ecorium offers a private pickup and send-off service to the nearby terminals. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the complex from Uljin Terminal (KRW 20,000), and about an hour from Yeongju Terminal (KRW 30,000). Because the complex is located deep within the mountain, there are no convenience stores or other markets around the area. Thus, you should prepare the items you might need for the stay before visiting the complex.

Things To Do

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Mangyangjeong Beach
This beautiful beach is the most famous of its kind in Uljin area.
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Hupohang Port
Hupohang Port
This picturesque port serves Uljin’s most famous delicacy, snow crabs. The area is also home to other cutesy sights, such as the Deungisan Skywalk. Snow crabs are in season from late fall to spring.
∇ Hupo-ri, Hupo-myeon, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Mangyangjeong Hoetjip
Mangyangjeong Hoetjip
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This dainty cafe serves delectable coffee and baked goods.
∇ 194-1, Uljinjungang- ro, Uljin-eup, Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
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