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A Dynamic Experience in Wellness

High1 Resort is known for its beautiful mountain setting, on par with famous resorts around the world. Wildflowers bloom from spring to fall, and in winter the view of a snow-clad mountain greets the visitors. The unique conditions presented by the area’s elevation allows the visitors to enjoy outdoor activities in the hottest summers. With the recent additions to its experience programs, High1 Resort has established itself as a premier destination for wellness travel in Korea.

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HAO stands for “High1 Activity Organizer”, and just as its name suggests, it acts as a guide to all activities available in the High1 Resort. HAO offers yoga, trekking, meditation, and other programs that cater to the guests.

High1 Resort is a mountainous resort located at the foot of Baegunsan Mountain, near Jeongseon, Gangwon-do. Its size and facilities are considered to be one of the greatest in Korea. The resort enjoys a steady popularity thanks to seasonal activities, from skiing in winter to water park in summer, and the wonderful view of the surrounding area. No matter the season, however, High1 Resort promises a comfortable rest and a wide range of activities to enjoy. It is a place where one can go from a tranquil rest in nature to exhilarating activities in mere moments

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Waking Your Fatigued Body from Your Daily Life

HAO Wellness is designed to wake your body up from fatigue in your daily life. Its flagship programs include the “meditation & flower tea”, “meditation & tea confectionery”, and Querencia Yoga. All programs are held in Unamjeong Pavilion or the Healing House, located in a forest. Unamjeong Pavilion, also known among K-drama enthusiasts as a filming site of the drama <Gourmet>, is a building that exemplifies the beauty of the traditional hanok. Healing House, which is located further away from the resort building, is located on a hill above the Palace Hotel. The hill overlooks the mountains that surround the resort and the High1 CC. Meditating on this hill, either with flower tea or traditional tea confectionery, is an exercise in organizing one’s mind into a state of peace.

The 50-minute meditation program includes breathing meditation, active meditation (body scanning), and fetal position breathing. After a long session of breathing, through which one finds areas of tension and seeks to relax the area, one often finds oneself feeling drowsy. Querencia Yoga is made up of positions that are not too difficult. The total number of participants per session is limited at 4 (under COVID19 measures).

At the end of the program, one has a chance to sample daylily (wonchuri) tea. The floral tea is characterized by a gentle fragrance and a slightly sweet aftertaste. Daylilies, which are also company flowers chosen by High1 Resort, is a flower that blooms in July and August. In the language of flowers, it symbolizes “waiting”. The resort’s care to service can be seen in the careful selection of flowers for the tea, as whole and well-maintained blossoms are served for guests who may not be able to see the flower in full bloom due to the season.

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Walk on the Sky with Wonderful Trekking Courses

HAO Trekking programs at High1 Resort involves hiking in mountains, 1,000m above sea level, and taking in phytoncide to purify one’s body and mind under the guidance of High1’s expert guides. Because of the elevation, these trails offer a wonderful way to meet various plants that do not grow in lower regions.

“Untan-godo Trail”, a collection of trails used to transport coal during the heyday of coal mining in the region. The total length of these trails amount to a staggering 170km. Thankfully, they are organized into four courses for you to choose from, depending on your fitness and needs. The shortest course, “Trekking for Everyone”, is a 2.7km-long trail that brings you from the Dalpaengi Forest Trail to the Dancheui Forest Trail. The trails in this section tend to be flat, so this is the most accessible course among the four. “Trekking and Meditation” course, which takes about 2 hours to complete, brings you to the trails located to the back of the Healing House. Even in the hottest summer days, the trail remains cool with the characteristic chill of the highlands.

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High1 HAO
  • ∨ +82-33-590-3838~9
  • ∨ Differs from program to program
  • ∨ programs requires reservations
  • ∨ Meditation & Tea Confectionery (Wednesday - Sunday), Querencia Yoga (Wednesday - Saturday), Trekking (Wednesday - Sunday), Meditation & Tea Confectionery KRW 20,000, Meditation & Flower Tea KRW 15,000 for adults, KRW 7,500 for children, Querencia Yoga KRW 15,000 for adults, KRW 7,500 for children, Trekking KRW 15,000 - 30,000 for adults, KRW 10,000 - 27,000 for children
  • ∨ Parking Available
  • ∨ 424, High1-gil, Gohan-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do


HAO Kids' Programs

HAO Kids’ programs at High1 Resort include a variety of activities that assist the development of children aged 6 to 13, such as making leather bags, sponge swordfighting, and cooking. They are offered in two-hour sessions and are overseen by trained caretakers, allowing the parents to enjoy their rest in peace.

Things To Do

Samtan Art Mine
Samtan Art Mine
This is a cultural space made from a derelict coal mine. It is best known as a filming site of the popular drama <Descendants of the Sun>.
∇ Gohan-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do 1445-44, Hambaeksan-ro
Manhangjae Pass
Manhangjae Pass
This is the highest point in Korea that is reachable by car. In spring and summer, the area is awash in flowers.
∇ San216-37, Gohan-ri, Gohan-eup, Jeongseon- gun, Gangwon-do
Yungane Hanumaeul
Yungane Hanumaeul
This well-known restaurant, located near High1 Resort, specializes in Korean beef (hanu).
∇ 15-7, Gohan 6-gil, Gohan- eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do
Aurora Cafe
Aurora Cafe
This quirky forest cafe is housed in a former coal mining company facility.
∇ Gohan-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do 1448, Hambaeksan-ro
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