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Jeongnamjin Cypress Forest Woodland

Rest in a Forest Full of Phytoncide

Jeongnamjin Cypress Forest Woodland, located below the 518-meter-tall Eokbulsan Mountain, is a dense cypress forest that welcomes and comforts. The expansive ocean of green, the sound of chirping crickets, and the phytoncide created by the cypress forest all help to soothe and heal one’s weary body and mind.

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The air in Jeongnamjin Cypress Forest Woodland itself seems to change the moment one sets a food into the forest: if the air had colors, the air here must be the clearest shade of green. When one draws a deep breath, it feels as if one’s entire body is colored in the same shade of clear green. After all, the area is full of cypress trees, which are prolific producers of phytoncide: a volatile material produced by trees that create the sense of invigoration one finds in a forest.

Conifers are known to generate greater amounts of phytoncide than broad-leaved trees, and cypress stands tall above all others in that regard. Phytoncide is also known as a potent antibacterial and antifungal agent. While it is not able to protect the visitors from COVID-19 by itself, it is nevertheless a great place to travel in a period where health and immunities are especially appreciated. Other beneficial effects of phytoncide include stress relief and mitigation of skin conditions, such as atopy.

The Strength of Phytoncide, Produced by Cypress Trees

About 60 years ago, Mr. Son Seok-yeon began planting cypress trees amid the rock formations at the foot of Eokbulsan Mountain. Today, the area is home to 470,000 cypress trees, which create a forest 120ha in area. While Mr. Son has departed, his legacy can still be found in the welcoming forest that he has created. Jeongnamjin Cypress Forest Woodland is home to a variety of facilities, like the wood culture experience hall, traditional hanok, woodcraft and ecological building experience site, and the Cypress Salt House (sauna). A 3.8km-long hiking trail brings one to the summit of the Eokbulsan Mountain. The trail is equipped with wooden decks, which assist seniors and other visitors who may find walking on the trail difficult. When the wind rustles the trees, the time itself seems to stop, save for the fallen leaves under the decks. One finds oneself on a sea of green, serene and peaceful in solitude. Perhaps, that is enough.

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Wellness in a Cypress Forest

Programs prepared by the Cypress Forest Woodland are carefully and thoughtfully organized in terms of age groups. For workers, the ‘Healing Land’ program offers a health checkup, followed by recreational activities, yoga, meditation, and other activities for peace. ‘Invigorating Land’ program consists of a chi exercise, which restores vigor, and sunbathing and aroma oil massages. Another option is the ‘Restoration Land’ program, which includes dendropanax tea, foot bath in cypress forest, and barefoot walk over cypress sawdust.

Cypress Salt Sauna, a Korean dry sauna located at the highest point of facilities in the Woodland, is where you can experience salt detox. A cave was created with clean, natural salt with abundant minerals. In addition to the salt cave, there are many rooms that boost metabolism and help eliminate waste including a salt detox room, salt massage room, cypress lower-body bathing room, and red clay room. Bathing in cypress enzymes sawdust is one of the most popular experience programs. This is bathing with heat generated by enzymes after lying down in the cypress bath and covering the body with sawdust with cultivated microorganisms. You can feel the energy of life as it is if you lie on the base of microorganisms, meaning the heat generated by living organisms. It can be little itchy, but it is a process where healthful enzymes penetrate into the skin through open pores. Being covered in sweat after 15 minutes of bathing refreshes you as if you have become a new person.

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Jeongnamjin Cypress Forest Woodland
  • ∨ +82-61-864-0063
  • ∨ 09:00~18:00
  • ∨ Reservations required (Forest Healing Program)
  • ∨ Admission Fee Adults KRW 3,000, Children KRW 1,000, Forest Healing Program KRW 5,000, Cypress Salt Sauna Adults KRW 8,000 Children KRW 5,000
  • ∨ Parking Available
  • ∨ 180, Udeuraendeu-gil, Jangheung-eup, Jangheung-gun, Jeollanam-do


An Overnight Stay in the Fragrance of Cypress Trees

With the plethora of activities offered by the Jeongnamjin Cypress Forest Woodland, it is no surprise that many visitors wish to stay for longer. If you want to deepen your healing and wellness experience, look no further than the wooden pension situated within the forest. The area is home to a number of accommodations, all built with clay, wood, and other environmentally friendly materials. The traditional hanok room combines the unique charms of a traditional hanok with modern conveniences. The accommodations may be inaccessible due to social distancing regulations, so make sure to check for their availability beforehand.

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