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Farm Kamille

Into the Fragrant World of Fairytales

Farm Kamille Herb Garden is a place where each season brings new scenery with herbs, wildflowers, and trees. It is a theme park that draws you in with the fragrance of flowers, and catches you with an interesting variety of programs. Enjoy the healing power of flowers at Farm Kamille Herb Garden.

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Taean’s Farm Kamille Herb Garden is a place to celebrate the beauty of flowers with your five senses. This 10,600 m2-wide theme park is filled with nealy 100 species of herbs, 500 species of wildflowers, and 150 species of aquatic plants, organized into thematic gardens like the Le Petit Prince Garden, Greek Garden, and Chamomile & Sage Garden. Flowers are ubiquitous here, no matter where you look. When the entire landscape is dominated by such brilliant splashes of color, one cannot help but take out one’s camera and pose among the flowers. One enjoys Farm Kamille through the five senses: the colors of the flowers, the fragrance of the herbs, the sound of the wind at one’s ear, the taste of herbs brought by the wind, and the touch of the nature deep in one’s heart.

Ten Gardens, All Different

Farm Kamille, named after the English word “farm” and the German word for chamomile, “Kamiille”, is an appropriate name for a farm that seeks to grow herbs and their fragrance. It was established based on four principles of horticulture, communication with nature through caring for plants; ornamentation, the cultivation of inner beauty; utilization, for the betterment of human life; and art, to be experienced through five senses. Farm Kamille is a place where one can lose oneself in the beautiful view of the seasons and the fragrance of flowers. One feels that one is stepping into the land of fairy-tales. Gardens in Farm Kamille are organized according to different themes. There are ten gardens in total. Le Petit Prince Garden is organized around the beauty of childhood fantasy, with handsome water fountains, sculptures, and flowers. Rose Garden is a stone-walled garden with nearly 60 species of roses planted on each step. Roses in Rose Garden begin to bloom from June onward, and some stay in bloom until the first snow.

Cake Garden looks like a slice of cake, filled with colorful flowers that bloom from spring to fall. Lavender Garden is home to lavender, also known as “Mary’s Drying Plant”, and thyme, also known as a “plant with a hundred-mile scent”. It is often thought to be the most beautiful place in Farm Kamille. Chamomile & Sage Garden is home to chamomile, a popular ingredient in herbal tea and cosmetics, and sage, which bloom with intense violet in fall. The Cake Garden is home to the filming site of the drama , specifically the cafe building. In reality, the building is used as a pension. The observatory on the Windy Hill is the most famous building in Farm Kamille. It has a wonderful view of the nearby Mongsanpo Beach and the sea. But make sure not to miss the other photo zones located throughout the area as well. Animal Garden is located to the back of the Wetland Botanical Garden. In it, you can observe and feed donkeys, rabbits, goats, mini- pigs, and turkey.

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Experience Programs organized through Herbs

Once the kids have had fun interacting with animals in the Animal Garden, it is time for the grown-ups to have their fun. The Herb Shop displays rows and rows of herbs and wildflowers. If you are captivated by Farm Kamille’s fragrance, you can take home a pot of herbs to bring that scent with you home.

Herb Shop, which also functions as a cafe, sells more than 100 types of herb products like cosmetics, oil, herbal tea, and jam, all made with herbs grown and harvested onsite. It also offers a variety of programs like cooking with herbs, making herb soap, extracting herbal water and oil, pressed flowers, and woodcraft.

If you’re tired from a long walk in the garden, try out the herbal aroma foot bath. The foot bath is prepared not only with herbs, but also essential and peppermint oil for a refreshing bath. What’s more, you even get to enjoy a cup of herbal tea while taking the foot bath!

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Experience Programs Organized through Herbs
  • ∨ +82-41-675-3636
  • ∨ 09:00–18:00 from Mar. to Nov. & 09:00–17:00 from Dec. to Feb.
  • ∨ Reservations required
  • ∨ Adults KRW 8,000, Children KRW 5,000
  • ∨ 56-19, Uun-gil, Nam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
  • www.kamille.co.kr


Enjoy the Flower Garden with Puppies

Visitors who are planning to bring their canine companions along need not worry, as the area has a dedicated playground and pension facilities for visitors with dogs. It is a place where dogs can run without care, and can join the humans indoors in the room. The dog playground has simple training facilities, walled swimming pool, artificial grass field, and a rest area.

Things To Do

Chollipo Arboretum
Chollipo Arboretum
Chollipo Arboretum is one of the earliest arboretum in Korea, established over a 40-year-long period by an American founder.
∇ 187, Cheollipo 1-gil, Sowon-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Sindu-ri Coastal Sand Dune
Sindu-ri Coastal Sand Dune
This sand dune was created by sand transported over many years to the beach through the wind, creating this very unique view.
∇ Sindu-ri, Wonbuk- myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Jeonggane Haemul Sonkalguksu
Jeonggane Haemul Sonkalguksu
This joint serves a mean bowl of seafood noodle soup, made with Korean flour and fresh octopus from Taean’s mud flats.
∇ 6, Sudeung-gil, Taean-eup, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Mallipo Beach
Mallipo Beach
Calling all surfers, Mallipo Beach is a beautiful beach ideal for surfing.
∇ 138, Mallipo 2-gil, Sowon- myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
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