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Taepyung Salt Farm Maritime Healing Spa

Discover the Mysteries of Sea Salt!

Jeungdo Island is the first area to be designated as a Slow City in Asia. There are numerous reasons as to why one should visit the island, but none will be complete without the mention of sea salt. Taepyeong Salt Farm Maritime Healing Spa presents innovative methods to use the sea salt produced in Taepyeong Salt Farm.

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Built on the area between two islands, filling in 4,620,000 m2, Taepyung Salt Farm looks like an airport with a runaway when seen from the sky.

Taepyung Salt Farm Maritime Healing Spa was built by expanding the Salt Cave Healing Center that was launched in 2010. It offers a wide range of alternative salt therapy programs, including Salt Cave Healing Room made with sun-dried salt, and Mineral Floating Therapy designed to experience what it would be like floating in the Dead Sea, which helps you achieve health and comfort.

The Mystery of Salt Cave

Salt has been playing a pivotal role in preventing diseases and improving health since old times. The European methods of healing using salt have been popular among salt mine workers particularly in Eastern Europe, which has a number of halite mines. It was even proven by Polish doctor Felix Boczkowski that salt is effective in treating respiratory diseases. The most popular form of salt therapy in the world is the salt cave-shaped healing room. Among six salt cave healing rooms available in South Korea, Taepyung Salt Farm Maritime Healing Spa has the biggest one in terms of size and range of programs. This salt cave, built with the highest-quality edible sun-dried salt, is filled with ultra-fine nano particles of salt. That is why it is possible to absorb 88 minerals and iodines, which is good for your health. It is convenient because you do not have to get changed. Unlike a sauna, it is not too hot, which means you can stay longer inside the salt cave. Taepyung Salt Farm Maritime Healing Spa offers three types of the salt cave: a room with beds placed in a u-shape, a family room perfect for those accompanying kids, and a room with a zero gravity recliner. If you have enough time to spare, a 90-minute course would be a better fit. This program allows you to take a rest in the Salt Cave Healing Room after getting the Mineral Floating Therapy. The Mineral Floating Therapy involves slipping into a separate individual bathtub and experiencing a state of nongravitation that comes from balance between gravity and buoyancy. The light will go out after a set period of time in the room, and you will be thrown into complete darkness. The water used for Mineral Floating Therapy has a composition similar to the amniotic fluid, which will make you feel light as a baby in a mother's womb.

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Thermal Spa Helps your Body excrete Toxins

The spa, also known as “jjimjil” in Korean, is an alternative form of remedy that our ancestors developed a long time ago. Enjoying the spa by using sun-dried salt heated to 40~50°C, the optimal temperature, that can cleanse your body of harmful toxins, can naturally speed up recovery. Heated sun-dried salt can help widen your blood vessels, improve blood circulation, relax your tired muscles, treat the symptoms of dermatitis, excrete bodily wastes causing fatigue, and relieve pain.

Taepyung Salt Farm Maritime Healing Spa provides a 50-minute thermal spa program that involves lying down and taking a rest in a small room with a thick layer of salt. You are highly encouraged to use a small shovel and cover your body with salt just as in sand spa. Once you are done with the spa, you can take a shower simply with water instead of using a body cleanser and then drink a cup of tea made with Angelica Utilis Makino, one of Sinan’s local specialities. Please feel free to benefit from a salt foot bath and a sitz bath provided near the information desk.

Taepyeong Salt Farm Maritime Healing Spa allows you to explore your five senses with salt normally used for cooking. It would be the most unusual experience you have ever had.

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Taepyung Salt Farm Maritime Healing Spa
  • ∨ +82-61-261-2266
  • ∨ 09:00~18:00
  • ∨ Thermal Spa with Sun-Dried Salt (50 minutes) KRW 20,000, Mineral Floating Therapy + Salt Cave Healing Room, (90 minutes) KRW 40,000
  • ∨ Parking Available
  • ∨ 1053-11, Jidojeungdo-ro, Jeungdo-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • www.saltvillage.co.kr


What Not to Miss along with the Spa

Near the spa, you can find a salt museum built from an old salt warehouse, and a souvenir shop selling Sinan’s local specialities. Right next to the souvenir shop there is a small ice cream shop that is famous for placing a small amount of salt mixed with Korean black raspberry, green tea, and blueberry power on top of delicious ice cream. From the salt museum to the sea farm, you can walk along the Heavenly Eco Path where you can observe halophytes such as Suaeda japonica Makino and Angelica Utilis Makino as well as birds including ducks, wild geese, and red-crowned cranes.

Things To Do

Banwoldo and Bakjido Islands
Banwoldo and Bakjido Islands
These islands give off an exotic vibe with an ocean bridge connecting them, a walking trail around the village.
∇ Anjwa-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do
Infinite Bridge
Infinite Bridge
It is a bridge where you can walk above the ocean with a breathtaking view of the mud flat and the islands.
∇ San231-2, Hanun-ri, Jaeun- myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam- do
Baekgil Beach
Baekgil Beach
Along the vast coastline, a fine sandy beach stretches out infinitely.
∇ San239, Yugak-ri, Jaeun- myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam- do
Ihak Sikdang
Ihak Sikdang
It is the first restaurant in Jeungdo Island that started serving spicy mudskipper stew.
∇ 139, Jeungdojungang-gil, Jeungdo-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do
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