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Resort Spa Valley

Spa in Hexagonal Hot Spring Water

Even if you stay all day, it never gets boring at Resort Spa Valley full of things to enjoy. In addition to hot spring bath using thermal waters, this place of relaxation and wellbeing enables you to enjoy various rides and attractions, have fun at a water park, interact with animals and plants at Nature Park, and relax in a hotel in the woods with the subtle scent of cypress.

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Water park, Hot Spring Bath, and Wave pool all in One place

Resort Spa Valley is known for its special water. All the water used is drinkable hexagonal water. Hexagonal water is hot spring water with the chemical structure of a hexagonal ring and is known to be good for the skin and helpful in preventing adult diseases. Many people visit regularly because they saw improvement in their symptoms by just playing in the water.

Spa Valley is not just a place to bathe. Apart from hot spring water baths and spas, it offers various indoor and outdoor facilities. For example, on the 26m slide that is said to take three seconds from start to finish, the sound of joyous screams never stop. There is also an artificial wave pool and a relaxing 250-meter-long flowing stream. What stands out is the open-air bath in the middle of various amusement facilities. It classifies five different constitutions (fire, water, tree, gold, and soil) by birth year, month and day and offers a healthy bathing experience for every visitor. What an outstanding thing to find out about one's physical constitution type and then take a bath in a healthy water composition that fits one's body.

There are exciting bathing facilities. inside too. In the “Fun Fun Zone” on the first floor there is a pool for children and a massage system bathing pool, a spa, and a hot spring sauna. In the traditional Korean medicine zone on the third floor, visitors can enjoy a “Traditional Korean Medicine Aromatherapy” and a bathing pool that uses special medical herbs as well as an open-air bath.

The aroma therapy room is accessible by a white pebble path and is filled with the scent of medicinal herbs. The scent that boosts energy and revives one's condition, attracts not only locals but also many foreign visitors.

Do not miss a chance to enjoy the exciting seasonal events. “Summer Samba Party” presents a fun and exciting performance by a team of seven Colombian dancers to show the essence of South American dances such as samba and salsa. The “Bubble Pool Party,” which has gone viral on social media for filling the event pool with bubbles harmless to the human body, become a perfect place to dance to the songs selected by a DJ. You will have an exciting moment that will blow away all your stress. With these facilities and events, you do not need to go for a famous foreign resort.

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Observe animals and Relax in an eco-friendly Room

If Spa Valley is a healing space that uses hot spring water, the neighboring Nature Park is an ecological zoo where you can interact with animals and plants.

In a forest on a gentle slope at the foot of Juamsan Mountain, various themed festivals take place each season. Once you pass the French Garden where a wide range of flowers bloom and fade away according to seasonal changes, you will find an indoor zoo. Inside are dense tropical forests of 100-year-old Indian lilies, which took over a year to transport, banana trees in full bearing, and interesting animals such as capybaras, servals, and binturongs.

Outside the indoor zoo is an outdoor zoo decorated with colorful flowers and adorable photo spots where you can meet different animals including peacocks, alpacas, lions, and tigers. Animals inside the Nature Park are not trapped in cages. Instead, they roam around freely in environments similar to their original habitats as an attempt to live up to the Nature Park's reputation

Past a small lake where visitors can kayak and up another hill appears the Hotel de forRe. It is a neat place that is perfect to spend a night in the midst of wonderful mother nature. Independent villa-type rooms and row house-type rooms are furnished with cypress trees and refined with yellow bricks for a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

Besides, each room is equipped with a gorgeous dining table, a tea set, and delicious tea. While staying overnight in the cozy, comfortable hotel room, you can also benefit from other facilities such as restaurant and café. It is a perfect place for travelers who want to enjoy swimming during the day and have a quiet relaxing time at night away from the city center.

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Resort Spa Valley
  • ∨ +82-1688-8511
  • ∨ Water Park Weekday 10:00–18:00 (Weekend 18:30), Nature Park Weekday · Weekend 10:00–18:00
  • ∨ Water Park Day Pass Adults KRW 58,000 (Jul. 17–Aug. 16), Nature Park Adults KRW 18,000 (Prices differ by season, Check website.)
  • ∨ Parking Available
  • ∨ 891, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
  • www.spavalley.co.kr

Things To Do

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Dodongseowon Confucian academy
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