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Sulwhasoo Flagship Store

An Encounter Between Spa and Skincare Using Korean Traditional Medicine at Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo, a premium Korean medicine-themed skincare brand, offers Sulwhasoo spa programs based on its wisdom accumulated over a long period. It uses Korean traditional medicine’s treatment methods to help you soothe your tired skin.

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Holistic Beauty for people in Contemporary Society

Sulwhasoo Spa is a Korean medicine-themed place of healing that brings back the balance between your tired body and mind. You will be able to achieve healthy beauty by benefiting from a high-functioning formula created through Sulwhasoo’s innovative approach to skincare incorporating Korean traditional medicine, an aesthetician’s devotion to getting your skin back into the balance, and a mind-calming traditional ritual. Sulwhasoo Flagship Store located in front of Dosan Park in Seoul offers a variety of services including brand heritage sharing, product and spa testing, and beauty counseling. There are two types of spa programs that only use Sulwhasoo products. On the basement floor, visitors can find the “Sulwhasoo Spa,” which is a private and remote space that offers a luxurious anti-aging traditional Korean medicine spa program. The Sulwhasoo Balance Spa on the fourth floor overlooks beautiful Dosan Park and allows for a more casual spa experience.

Sulwhasoo Spa stands out for its spa program, which contains the brand's raw ingredients and recipes. Special treatments made with traditional Korean ingredients such as jade, amber, white porcelain and Jaum Balancing Complex balls enrich the spa effect and translate this facility's individuality. It also reinterprets traditional Korean medicine to resurrect the balance of body and mind, and recharge during the hectic pace of everyday life.

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Spa programs Spreading Ginseng’s Healthy energy

Sulwhasoo Spa actively makes the most out of ginseng and red ginseng considered good for improving mental and physical health. Sulwhasoo Spa provides a ginseng scrub and red ginseng foot bath service before entering the spa program. When you bathe your feet in the red ginseng water, the ginseng scrub will remove dead skin and offer great relief. Even before entering the spa program, you will be able to calm and purify your mind. Premium Korean Medicine-Themed Anti-Aging Spa is based on Sulwhasoo’s technique and understanding of achieving a balance in terms of Korean medicine. You can choose from various programs depending on your body condition or health condition on the day. The most popular Sulwhasoo Spa program is the “Intense Ginseng Journey.” It is an intensive anti-aging program that combines the energy of ginseng and Sulwhasoo's technique to revive youthful energy deep in the skin. It all begins with checking usual beauty habits and questions about skin before selecting an aroma. A fragrance treatment containing natural scents such as tree, flower, light, fruit, and root calms the five senses, the body and soul. After a red ginseng foot bath, calm music is playing in a room where the spa program begins. Next is a soft oil massage that treats the shoulders, neck, and spine. An applicator made of Sulwhasoo's own Jaum cream and jade helps exhausted skin to increase its self-sustenance and cure the hints of skin aging.

Sulwahsoo Spa is proud to present an applicator made with natural materials that can improve the effects of treatment. Naturally derived materials will double the effects of treatment, creating synergy. Particularly, jade is good for skin restoration, white porcelain for skin purification, and amber for skin rejuvenation. These materials create more powerful effects in collaboration with Sulwhasoo products.

Contemporary Korean Medicine-Themed Balance Spa, which combines Sulwhasoo’s Korean medicine techniques with music, offers a whole new spa experience. “Love Me Yoga” is a comprehensive care program carefully designed with Sulwhasoo’s know-how that helps you improve your posture and balance. “Love Me Singing Bowl” adds a therapist’s delicate touch to mysterious singing bowl sound meditation, relieving your stress and awakening all your five senses. If you are a busy person living in this contemporary society, you are also encouraged to look at shorter spa programs that last for 20–50 minutes. These programs are highly satisfying since you can get care services for specific body parts at affordable prices.

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Sulwhasoo Flagship Store
  • ∨ +82-541-9270
  • ∨ 10:00~20:00 (closed on every first Monday, public holidays, and New Year’s Day)
  • ∨ Reservations required on the official website
  • ∨ Love Me Yoga KRW 205,000, Love Me Singing Bowl KRW 205,000
  • ∨ Parking Available
  • ∨ 18, Dosan-daero 45-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • www.sulwhasoo.com


Sulwhasoo’s Special aromatherapy

Before entering the program, Sulwhasoo offers special aromatherapy designed to calm your mind with natural aroma products. Inspired by the Joseon royal family’s practice of having a rubdown with a dry towel, Sulwhasoo adds a traditional scent to a dry towel before rubbing your body with it. The subtle scent of essential oils extracted from natural ingredients such as trees, flowers, fruits, and roots will calm your mind.

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Dosan park
It is a park built to honor the legacy of Ahn Changho also known by his pen name Dosan. It is equipped with facilities including a well- tended garden, a memorial hall, and a sports complex.
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