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Dining at a PC Café

  • Date07/21/2020
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Korean food

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Dining at a PC Café
Dining at a PC café
These days, young people enjoy eating at PC-taurants, PC cafés that offer an extensive menu of tasty eats. If you still think PC cafés are only for gaming, then you need to experience this! Enjoy a game with your meal, and then head to the next PC café for round two!


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While many PC cafés have transformed into PC-taurants, not all cafés offer food. Be sure to check before visiting.
The first thing you must do when arriving at the PC café is purchase a PC café usage ticket. Most PC cafés charge around 1,000 won for 1 hour, although the rates will vary by company and location. Even better, you can get a bigger discount the longer you stay!
Upon paying, you’ll receive a seat number. For example, if your receipt says 10, then you are assigned to computer 10. When you get to your computer, turn it on to start your experience. Korean PCs and Internet are continually rated the fastest in the world, so don’t worry about the booting cutting into your paid game time.
After your computer starts up, it’s time to order food! Simply click on the on-screen menu and order whatever you’d like. Famous PC-taurants offer over a hundred options, ranging from snacks to full meals like samgyeopsal deopbap (grilled pork belly over rice), dongaseu (pork cutlet), and budaejjigae (kimchi and hot dog stew). If you’re having a hard time picking something, check the recommended menu list.
Your food will be brought to your computer, with the staff asking how you would like to pay. Both credit card and cash are accepted. After all the business of ordering and paying is out of the way, you can dig into your experience! What could be better than tasty food delivered to you as you gorge yourself on a high-speed computer?
Helpful tip
Major PC-taurants
Large PC café franchises like Isens League, OZ PC Café, and Ibiss PC offer many dining options. Be aware that the menu may vary by location.
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