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Nonsan Jijangjeongsa Temple (지장정사(논산))

  • Nonsan Jijangjeongsa Temple (지장정사(논산))
  • Nonsan Jijangjeongsa Temple (지장정사(논산))
  • Nonsan Jijangjeongsa Temple (지장정사(논산))
  • Nonsan Jijangjeongsa Temple (지장정사(논산))
  • Address 103, Hwagogan-gil, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
    충청남도 논산시 노성면 화곡안길 103
  • Type Temples/ Religious Sites
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    Upon finishing his thousand-day prayers in Gyeryongsan Mountain in June 1980, Monk Deoksan came down to the site of an old temple in Noseong-myeon, Hwagok-ri and built Jijangjeongsa Temple. The upper part of the current Daeungjeon Hall was once the main hall of Jijangam Hermitage and was originally about 33 square meters. Daeungjeon Hall was later expanded to its current size. In 1995, Yeongsanjeon (Cheonbuljeon) Hall was built and in 1997, Seonjae Preschool was opened. The temple is open for praying and meditation and also has a charnel house. The temple and its followers are loyally devoted to the practice of Buddhism in its purest form.

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