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Seonnyeo Rock (선녀바위)

  • Seonnyeo Rock (선녀바위)
  • Seonnyeo Rock (선녀바위)
  • Seonnyeo Rock (선녀바위)
  • Seonnyeo Rock (선녀바위)
  • Seonnyeo Rock (선녀바위)
  • Seonnyeo Rock (선녀바위)
  • Address 21, Yongyu-ro 380beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
    인천광역시 중구 용유로380번길 21
  • Type Rare Animals/ Plants/Spectacular Cliffs & Rock Formations
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    Seonnyeo Rock is located near the Seoul metropolitan area, in the northern part of Yongyudo Island, past Masian Beach. The rock is named after the myth that a fairy came down on a rainbow to play on the beach. Artists come to recreate the scenery of the sharp rock against the ocean on their canvas as they listen to the waves crash. The beach is also popular among tourists at sunset, when the fading sun colors the sea around the rock.
    On the other side is a small dock and old fishing boats. This beach is less crowded than Wangsan Beach or those in Eurwang-ri, making it the perfect spot for swimming and camping.
    There is a pretty cafe up the hill from the rock and it is a great place for enjoying the ocean scenery with a cup of tea. On the other side of the cafe is a garden with pine trees, yet another beautiful spot to watch the sunset.

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