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Jeju Jungmun Resort (중문관광단지)

  • Jeju Jungmun Resort (중문관광단지)
  • Jeju Jungmun Resort (중문관광단지)
  • Jeju Jungmun Resort (중문관광단지)
  • Jeju Jungmun Resort (중문관광단지)
  • Jeju Jungmun Resort (중문관광단지)
  • Address 38, Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
    제주특별자치도 서귀포시 중문관광로 38 (중문관광단지안내소)
  • Type Amusement Parks/ Tourist Resorts
  • Inquiries • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
    (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
    • For more info: +82-64-739-1330
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    Jungmun Resort is an international tourist resort developed by the Korea Tourism Organization in 1978. The resort spans the areas of Jungmun, Daepo, and Saekdal-don in the location that best promotes Jeju's unique natural beauty and geographical features. There are several attractions within the resort property, such as Pacific Land, Yeomiji Botanic Garden, a fishing village for tourists, Seonimgyo Bridge, Cheonjeyeonpokpo Falls, and Jungmun Beach. Internationally famous hotel branches, such as The Shilla Hotel, Lotte Hotel, and Hyatt Hotel are situated here, allowing visitors to enjoy the utmost comfort while taking pleasure in Jeju's nature.

    Shopping Information
    Jeju Tourism Organization Duty Free Shop, souvenir shops

    Available Facilities
    Jungmun Golf Club, Pacific Land, Yeomiji Botanic Garden, Teddy Bear Museum, Chocolate Land, Jeju International Peace Center, Cheonjeyeonpokpo Falls, Jungmun Beach, Jusangjeolli Cliff


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