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Yesan Hyangcheonsa Temple (향천사(예산))

  • Yesan Hyangcheonsa Temple (향천사(예산))
  • Yesan Hyangcheonsa Temple (향천사(예산))
  • Yesan Hyangcheonsa Temple (향천사(예산))
  • Yesan Hyangcheonsa Temple (향천사(예산))
  • Yesan Hyangcheonsa Temple (향천사(예산))
  • Address 117-20, Hyangcheonsa-ro, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
    충청남도 예산군 예산읍 향천사로 117-20 (예산읍)
  • Type Temples/ Religious Sites
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    • For more info: +82-41-335-3556
  • Information
    Hyangcheonsa Temple is an old temple that was founded by Monk Euigak in the late Baekje period under King Uija's rule. The temple is easily accessble from downtown despite its location deep within a valley at the foot of Geumosan Mountain, serving as a landmark for visitors enjoying a light stroll or a hike up to the mountain. Serving as a home to several relics and a nine-story stone pagoda, the temple site and buildings are well maintained and neatly cleaned on a daily basis.

    According to legends, Monk Euigak originally had planned on building a temple in Sinam-myeon in Yesan. He went to China and brought a Buddha statue, praying earnestly on his way back aboard a boat. Upon his arrival, he sighted a pair of golden crows flying above the boat and followed the birds before they disappeared. He found the birds at the temple's current location, drinking from a puddle of water that had an aromatic smell. From then on the mountain was called Geumosan, meaning "the mountain of golden crow," and the temple was named Hyangcheonsa, meaning "the temple of fragrant water."

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