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Seosomun Historical Park (서소문역사공원)

  • Seosomun Historical Park (서소문역사공원)
  • Seosomun Historical Park (서소문역사공원)
  • Seosomun Historical Park (서소문역사공원)
  • Seosomun Historical Park (서소문역사공원)
  • Seosomun Historical Park (서소문역사공원)
  • Seosomun Historical Park (서소문역사공원)
  • Address 5, Chilpae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
    서울특별시 중구 칠패로 5 (의주로2가)
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    The Seosomun Gate area, which is located outside Seosomun Gate, was used as a persecution site in the 19th century before it turned into the local park of today. Many Catholics were suppressed and martyred here, making the area a holy site for Korean Catholics. Seosomun Gate was a gateway to Chilpae Market located near Namdaemun Gate. It was always busy with passerbys and the persecution site was established outside the gate to set an example of crime punishment to all the witnesses.

    On May 15, 1999, a memorial tower was raised at the center of the park in honor of the martyrs. In 2013, Seoul's Jung-gu district also founded Seosumun Holy Shrine History Museum with a memorial exhibition hall in their honor.

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    Drama "A Word from Warm Heart (2013)"

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    Memorial hall, library, seminar room, gift shop, cafe, history museum, clock tower, etc.


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