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Ganghwa Seodo Central Church (강화 서도 중앙교회)

  • Ganghwa Seodo Central Church (강화 서도 중앙교회)
  • Address 256-1, Jumundo-gil, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon
    인천광역시 강화군 서도면 주문도길 256-1
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    By the late Joseon dynasty, Ganghwado Island had already been attacked many times by foreign invaders. During the Byeonginyangyo (the French invasion in 1866), the French fleet stayed in Ganghwado for about a month until they withdrew their forces after losing during the Jeongjoksanseong Battle. During the Sinmiyangyo (the United States expedition to Korea in 1981), the American fleet attacked Chojijin Fortress, Deokjinjin Fortress and Gwangseongbo Fortress. Hence, Ganghwado played a big part in South Korea opening its doors to the West in the 19th century. Ganghwado also became the Western Christian missionaries' center of activity for their missionary works.

    There are three remaining churches that were built in that time that were influenced or built by the Western Christian Missionaries: Ganghwa Anglican Church established in 1900, Ganghwa St. Andrew's Church established in 1906, and Ganghwa Seodo Central Church established in 1923.

    Ganghwa Seodo Central Church started contruction in February 1923 and was completed as a Korean-architecture chapel in July 1923. The original name was Jumun Church and it was renamed as Seodo Central (Jungang) Church in 1978. The church belongs to The Korean Methodist Church.

    Even though the building of the church doesn't reflect outstanding building techniques and aesthetic qualities, a Western church with a Korean-style wooden structure such as Ganghwa Seodo Central Church is still worth a visit.

    Current Status
    Incheon Metropolitan City Cultural Material No. 14 (Designated on July 14, 1997)

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