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Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)

  • Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)
  • Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)
  • Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)
  • Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)
  • Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)
  • Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)
  • Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)
  • Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)
  • Gobok Natural Park (고복자연공원)
  • Address 586, Dosingobok-ro, Sejong-si
    세종특별자치시 연서면 도신고복로 586
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    Gobok Natural Park spans an area of 1,840,000 square meters and nearby attractions include a forest, Yonggul Cave, Sinheungsa Temple, and an outdoor sculpture park on Obongsan Mountain. A 3.65-kilometer-long deck circles the reservoir. The neighboring village is home to orchards for growing grapes, peaches, and pears. The park has a large meeting square and the outdoor sculpture park features works by Ewha Woman's University art professor Kang Tae-seong, attracting many visitors. The park is especially popular in summer when the outdoor swimming pool is open. In spring, people flock to Millakjeong Pavilion to view the cherry blossoms. There are many restaurants nearby specializing in galbi (ribs), Hanbang ori (duck with medicinal herbs), and megi maeuntang (spicy catfish stew), as well as cafes overlooking the natural scenery.

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Parking Facilities
    Available (Outdoor parking lot)

    Admission Fees

    Available Facilities
    Outdoor swimming pool (summer only), sculpture park, lotus park, riverside walking path, Millakjeong Pavilion, etc.

    Public restroom (parking lot)

    Parking Fees

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