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Waryong Park (와룡공원)

  • Waryong Park (와룡공원)
  • Waryong Park (와룡공원)
  • Waryong Park (와룡공원)
  • Waryong Park (와룡공원)
  • Waryong Park (와룡공원)
  • Address 192, Waryonggongwon-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
    서울특별시 종로구 와룡공원길 192
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  • Information
    Situated in Myeongryun-dong in Seoul and established in 1984, Waryong Park is located near Malbawi, one of the best overlooks from which to see the city of Seoul. The park is close to natural attractions such as Samcheong Park, Changgyeong Park, and Bugaksan Mountain.

    Although it was difficult to grow trees in the park because of the shallowness of the soil, many citizens participated in the nationwide campaign to plant over 10 million trees across the country, transforming places like Waryong into lush areas filled with flowering plants.

    In the park, spring blooms forth in a colorful assortment of cherry trees, plum blossoms, azaleas, and forsythias, making it a popular destination for family visitors. There are also a variety of excellent amenities: badminton courts, aerobic fields, fitness facilities, and pavilions, wonderful for exercise, leisurely walks, or simply taking a break.

    A famous hiking trail, running between the Seoul Fortress Wall and Samcheong Park, passes right through the park. Flanked by cherry blossoms, the trail attracts nature lovers throughout the year and especially in spring, when the trees are in full bloom. The trail also passes by the Fortress Wall in Bugaksan Mountain.

    Opening date
    April 1, 1984

    N/A (Open all year round)

    Admission Fees

    Available Facilities
    Malbawi Rock, tennis court, open-air bath


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