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Banpo Hangang Park (반포한강공원)

  • Banpo Hangang Park (반포한강공원)
  • Banpo Hangang Park (반포한강공원)
  • Banpo Hangang Park (반포한강공원)
  • Banpo Hangang Park (반포한강공원)
  • Banpo Hangang Park (반포한강공원)
  • Banpo Hangang Park (반포한강공원)
  • Address 40, Sinbanpo-ro 11-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul
    서울특별시 서초구 신반포로11길 40 한강공원 반포 안내센터
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    Banpo Hangang Park is located on the southern side of the river centering on Banpo Bridge (Jamsu Bridge) between Hamnam Bridge (upstream) and Dongjak Bridge (downstream). The Rainbow Fountain built on both sides of Banpo Bridge was registered in The Guinness Book of Records in 2008 as the longest bridge fountain in the world with a total length of 1,140 meters. At night, over 200 lights create a fantastic view of a beautiful rainbow.

    In addition, the park is equipped with sports facilities including bubble playground, in-line skating track, soccer field, and basketball court. You may also enjoy the gorgeous view of Hangang River and skyscrapers on the riverside from Gureum and Noeul cafes, lookout places located on the southernmost part of Dongjak Bridge.

    Seoraeseom Island which connects from Banpo Hangang River Park is an artificially created island to provide a leisure space for Seoul urbanites. Every spring, the place is flooded with waves of canola flowers and people to enjoy picnic and spring events like ‘Searaeseom Butterfly, Canola Flower Festival’.

    Your joyful experience in the park doesn’t end here - there are more things to see and enjoy including a nature experience field, boat quay, bike lane, and picnic spots.

    Operating Hours
    [Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain] Hours vary; check before visiting.

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