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  • Saturday Performance of Korean Music & Dance at the National Gugak Center

    Saturday Performance of Korean Music & Dance at the National Gugak Center

    The National Gugak Center, the headquarters of Korean traditional performing arts, is making earnest efforts in recovering and reproducing traditional performing arts, diversifying the performance formats, and extending the domain of traditional arts through collaboration with other genres, embracing popular taste and walking together with global trends.
  • Love Comes with the Rain

    Love Comes with the Rain

    A beautiful story about brotherhood that will impress everyone! A story about growing up that transcends all generations!
  • Finding Mr. Destiny

    Finding Mr. Destiny

    Marking its 12th anniversary! The icon of first love! Finding Mr. Destiny is one of the country’s most successful romantic comedy musicals!
  • Music Drama

    Music Drama "Only You"

    It makes the young audience think of their parents and about the future with the person next to them now and makes middle aged and old couples look back on their life and visualize the rest of their lives.
  • The Musical, Laundry

    The Musical, Laundry "BBALLAE"

    Since its premiere in 2005, the musical “Laundry (BBALLAE)” has been performed about 3,700 times and seen by more than 570,000 people.


    People with different personalities conduct fire drills. They receive fire-fighting training for possible fire accidents and climb up and down ladders to rescue people trapped in buildings.
  • The Painters HERO

    The Painters HERO

    The Painters HERO is the world's first and only art performance of its kind, recorded as 'the best-selling show in 2014~2016', gathering audiences of 1 million people every year.


    Our multiple contents, "Pang Show, Pang Pang Cruise!!" is based on a famous K-drama "Kim Tak-Ku, The King of Baking" that can experience not only the self baking,
  • Fanta-Stick


    Heart-beating sounds of powerful percussion rhythm and Heart-filling melodies of beautiful Gukak! Story of Korea with Korean traditional instruments; Dae-guem, Hae-geum, Gayaguen, and A-jaeng.