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Reliable Medical Tourism Korea

Korea, a Global Medical Tourism Leader!

Registration System for Medical Institutions Serving Foreign Patients

Registration System for Medical Institutions Serving Foreign Patients The Korean government implemented this registration system in 2009, providing medical tourists with reliable and quality medical services.

  • 1,800 Medical Institutions Serving Medical Tourists

  • Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance
    100% of all general hospitals serving foreign medical tourists are insured

  • Safe and Trustworthy

Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients (KAHF)

The Korean government strictly assesses the quality of medical services, including treatments, infection control, and prevention of medical treatment disputes through the KAHF.

Top-class medical institutions selected based on 35 standards and 153 criteria items

Reliable medical environment

Specialized Systems for Medical Tourists

  • Attracts medical tourists and has operation system to manage them
  • Has medical specialists
  • Respects patient rights and prevents medical disputes

Transparent Medical Services Without Illegal Brokerages

  • Unlicensed

  • Korea

  • Reporter

    A reward of up to USD 9,000
    for reporting illegal brokerage

The Korean government imposes prison sentences that are a maximum of three years, or a maximum fine of USD 27,000 to enhance the transparency of its medical services. Those who report unlicensed brokers will receive a reward that is up to USD 9,000.

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