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Themed Travel


  • Live performances that break and go beyond language barriers!

  • Daehak-ro, a street where plays and musicals are continuously staged.

  • Outstanding regional performances and festivals that bring out the areas' distinct characters

  • Editor’s Choice!


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  • The Priests
    Musicals FINISH

    The Priests

    02.25.2021 ~ 05.30.2021

    Meet Korean Exorcists Onstage

  • Inside William
    Musicals FINISH

    Inside William

    03.02.2021 ~ 04.11.2021

    Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays in the Real Worl...

  • Myeong-dong Romance
    Musicals FINISH

    Myeong-dong Romance

    03.13.2021 ~ 06.20.2021

    Midnight in Myeongdong: One Night Spent with Artis...

  • Wicked
    Musicals FINISH


    02.12.2021 ~ 05.01.2021

    The Wonderful Wizard of OZ: Their Old Story

  • The Final Problem
    Musicals FINISH

    The Final Problem

    02.15.2021 ~ 05.09.2021

    A Bloody Competition between Conan Doyle and Sherl...

  • The Little Match Girl with Carols
    Musicals FINISH

    The Little Match Girl with C...

    12.05.2020 ~ 01.26.2021

    Feel the Small Theater Vibe, and Sing Carols with ...

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