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Travel News

[Korea] Social Distancing Levels Extended to October 17

  • Date10/06/2021
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Photo: Social distancing

The current social distancing levels (metropolitan area level 4, regional area level 3) will be extended to October 17. Restrictions for private gatherings will continue as well.

For level 4 areas, four people can gather before 18:00 and two after. Up to six people, including the vaccinated, can gather at restaurants, cafes, and homes. For level 3 areas, regardless of location, four people can gather and up to eight including the vaccinated.

Furthermore, restrictions on outdoor sports gatherings will change as well. Outdoor sports such as futsal, baseball, and soccer gatherings were restricted in level 4 areas. However, the new regulations allow for larger gatherings that include vaccinated people.

For more information, refer to the COVID-19 website.

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