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[Korea] Social Distancing Level Adjustments Starting July 1

  • Date06/28/2021
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Starting July 1, social distancing levels will change to four levels instead of the previous five. As a result, private gathering restrictions and disease prevention measures will change as well.

According to the changed social distancing levels that the Korean government announced on June 20, private gathering restrictions will start on level 2. Up to eight people can gather on level 2 and four on level 3. On level 4, up to four people can gather until 18:00 and two afterwards. However, those who have completed their vaccinations are exempt from this count.

For more information on social distancing levels and regional levels, refer to the COVID-19 website by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

More Info

New Four Level Social Distancing (Starts July 1)

Social Distancing Levels (Daily confirmed case count)

- Level 1: Less than 500 people nationwide
- Level 2: More than 500 people nationwide
- Level 3: More than 1,000 people nationwide
- Level 4: More than 2,000 people nationwide
* Although the greater Seoul area is currently on level 2, private gatherings of up to 6 people will be allowed from July 1-14 and will be phased out.
Operating hour limits for businesses
- Level 1: No restrictions
- Level 2: Nightlife venues, karaoke rooms, restaurants, & cafes can operate until 24:00
- Level 3: Nightlife venues, karaoke rooms, restaurants, & cafes can operate until 22:00
- Level 4: Nightlife venues, movie theaters, & shopping malls prohibited from operating
1330 Korea Travel Hotline:
+82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay)

Information courtesy of the Ministry of Health and Welfare

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