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BESTWESTERN HAEUNDAE HOTEL [Korea Quality] / 베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔[한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]

  • BESTWESTERN HAEUNDAE HOTEL [Korea Quality] / 베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔[한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]
  • BESTWESTERN HAEUNDAE HOTEL [Korea Quality] / 베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔[한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스텐다드 더블(시티뷰)02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스텐다드 더블(시티뷰)01
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스텐다드 더블(오션뷰)02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스텐다드 더블(오션뷰)01
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스탠다드 트윈(시티뷰)02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스탠다드 트윈(시티뷰)01
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스탠다드 온돌03
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스탠다드 온돌02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스탠다드 온돌01
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_패밀리 트윈(시티뷰)02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_패밀리 트윈(시티뷰)01
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_패밀리 트윈(시티뷰)03
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_패밀리 트윈(오션뷰)04
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_패밀리 트윈(오션뷰)03
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_패밀리 트윈(오션뷰)02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_패밀리 트윈(오션뷰)01
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_디럭스 더블(시티뷰)02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_디럭스 더블(시티뷰)01
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_ 디럭스패밀리(측면바다뷰)02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_ 디럭스패밀리(측면바다뷰)01
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스위트온돌(측면바다뷰)02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스위트온돌(측면바다뷰)0
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스위트오션(측면바다뷰)02
  • 부산_해운대_베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔_스위트오션(측면바다뷰)01
  • BESTWESTERN HAEUNDAE HOTEL [Korea Quality] / 베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔[한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]
  • BESTWESTERN HAEUNDAE HOTEL [Korea Quality] / 베스트웨스턴 해운대호텔[한국관광 품질인증/Korea Quality]
  • Address 42, Gunam-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
    부산광역시 해운대구 구남로 42 (중동)
  • Type/Class Tourist Hotel
  • Inquiries +82-51-664-1234
  • Homepage
  • Information
    Best Western Haeundae belongs to Best Western, an international business hotel chain operating nearly 4,200 hotels worldwide. It is a 5 min walk from the Busan Metro Line 2 Haeundae Station, and its proximity to the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO), Haeundae Beach, and Dongbaekseom Island make it a popular place of stay not only for business clients but also family travelers. Various room are offered, namely Standard Double, Standard Twin, Standard Ondol, Family Twin, Deluxe Double, Deluxe Family, Ondol Suite, and Ocean Suite. The Deluxe Family is a room for four, equipped with a twin washbasin in the bathroom. The Ondol Suite is equipped with a sink and a microwave oven, suitable for group visitors. Meanwhile, the Ocean Suite, with its wide living room, comfortable sofa, and terrace, is a good choice for a more private and leisurely stay. The hotel also supports barrier-free travel with its unobstructed rooms. The greatest charm of Best Western Haeundae is its floor-to-ceiling glass walls in the rooms that offer a great night view of the sea and the city. Its interior uses white, beige, and brown tones for a calming and comfortable mood. The tea tables and chairs by the windows perfectly capture the hotel's relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, the lobby is equipped with shared computers and printers for business clients, while the seminar room, complete with a beam projector, also doubles as a breakfast restaurant. Breakfast is charged separately but makes up with its sumptuous buffet spread of nearly 50 dishes (closed between March 23 and April 22, 2020).

    YI Gyo-seon




    Maximum Occupancy

    Number of Guestrooms

    Room Amenities (Colored backgrounds designate availability)
    TVFridgeA/CLaundry ServiceDryerJacuzzi / hot tubInternetCablePersonal SafeKitchen Facilities

    Guestroom Kitchen
    Not available

    Check-In Time

    Check-Out Time

    Room Rates
    ₩ 110,000~

    * The room rate is the lowest price for this accommodation. Rates may vary according to season, room type and whether or not guests are entitled to discount rates. Please make sure to check the exact rate in advance before making your reservations. The room rate listed above is subject to change.

    Additional Taxes

    Off Season
    All periods except high-season

    Peak Season
    July 18–24, August 9–15
    Super-high-season is from July 25 – August 8

    Available (payment required, 07:00–10:00, KRW 20,000 for on-site payment, KRW 15,000 for reservations, KRW 8,000 for children aged 4–13, buffet)


    Parking Facility
    Available (payment required, KRW 12,000 per night)

    Facilities for the Handicapped
    Barrier-free room, barrier-free elevator


    Credit Cards

    Pickup Services
    Not available

    Assistance for Foreigners (Available Languages)
    Available (English, Japanese)

    Not available

    Baby Stroller Rental Services
    Not available

    Not available

    Breakfast restaurant (Patio) closed from March 23 to April 22

    No additional charges for guests up to the maximum occupancy
    One child may be added to the maximum occupancy of each room
    Availability of bathtubs in restrooms depend on which floor they are located in the building (excluding Deluxe Double rooms with bathtubs)

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