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Subject temple stay korea for foreinger.
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What is Temple Stay

Temple Stay is a program to experience Korean temple culture. For Koreans and guests from all over the world, the Korean Buddhist Chogye order will open temples, spiritual refuges for Koreans. We will open everything from the Dharma ceremony in the morning to dinners in the temples (especially, the monastic four-bowl meal) and give you a chance to experience everything in the temple.


During the World Cup Tournament (May 20th - June 30th)


33 temples near World Cup cities across Korea

#What ?

Experience a lot of things in the temples: Dharma Ceremony, Seon meditation, Bal-woo gong yang (Four bowl meal), Tea ceremony, and others. Special things in certain temples : sightseeing inside temples, making lotus lanterns, charcoal and ink rubbings, wood block printing of the Tripitaka, buddhist martial arts, and others.

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And this is one of the best place for temple stay~~ if u hava a question about Ghap Sa or temple stay.. please e-mail me.


Gahp Sa


Gahp Sa is located in Gye-Ryong Mountain National Park and its history has been continuous for about 1,600 years since its founding in the 5th century, in the three Kingdom Period in Korea. Besides the beautiful vistas around it, Gahp Sa has numerous and diverse kinds of Korean Buddhist arts which have accumulated during its long history, including traditional architecture, statues, Buddhist paintings, stone sculptures, Dharma Bells, and valuable calligraphic arts. Especially it includes two unique cultural assets, the pole for a temple flag and the iron pole supporter.

Special Programs

# Experience Korean traditional performances
Participants can see and learn some Korean traditional performances, such as Pansori (Chang), folk songs of southern and Kyung-Gi areas of Korea, Buddhist dance, Korean traditional dance with fans, and performance with four percussion instruments. It will be a good opportunity to experience and understand Korean traditional culture.
# Seon exercises and Korean Buddhist Martial Arts
It is a very special and valuable opportunity to experience Seon exercise and Korean Buddhist Martial Arts, which are among the Buddhist practice methods with long history in Korean Buddhism.
# Balwoo Gongyang
Balwoo Gongyang experience presents practicing of the Buddha’s teachings and protection of our environment