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Non-verbal performance “Jump”

You may have heard about Nanta, the famous Korean non-performance show, but have you heard about Jump? Originally named Jump, Crazy Family, it is indeed a crazy show we’re dealing with here–that is, a good kind of crazy. After a highly successful stint abroad, the high, octane show is back in Korea.

Jump is an explosive mix of martial arts and candid physical comedy. Martial Arts? Comedy? The combination can seem strange at first but despite a very basic storyline, the combination works surprisingly well where we are enthusiastically applauding for this one of a kind family.

Enjoying massive success in Korea for a few years now, the show tells a story about a family who are all martial arts masters. Each one of them has his/her own little trademark: the father is an expert at handling weapons, the mother breaks wooden planks like it was nothing, the daughter looks like she comes straight from the Olympic gymnastics team, the uncle, although a drunkard, fights like there’s no tomorrow, not to mention the daughter’s suitor who goes from a shy and unassuming young man to a high strung Bruce Lee-esque Latin lover once he takes his glasses off. An unconventional family indeed!

One night, two burglars decide to break in the family house. As loony as the family itself, this unavoidable showdown will go down in history as the most havoc ever created on stage! Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and even The Matrix all mingle together in this frenzied mano a mano where the actors’ physical prowess is matched only by the silliness of situations. The background music fits in nicely with the dynamism of the show and the over the top sound effects, reminiscent of a cheap kung-fu flick from the 70s, heightens the comical effect.

With its broad humour and very little dialogue, the show is sure to appeal to a wide audience. Jump is a refreshing, funny, innovative and action-packed show that will give you the itch to get out of your seat and…jump!

Mathieu Deprez

Date 06.15.2007

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