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Introduction of Ulsan
Located on the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula, Ulsan is famous for whale watching, rocky cliffs, and beautiful beaches. Its major landmarks include Ganjeolgot Cape, where the sun rises first, Daewangam Park, and Gajisan Provincial Park. Also, thanks to its location, the city has been emerging as a center of industrialization and maritime commerce.
Recommended Destinations
The Oriental Medicine Resort : Chorakdang
Bangudae Petroglyphs
Hyundai Motors Ulsan Plant
Hyundai Heavy Industries
Taehwagang River
Oegosan Onggi Village

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List of all tourist destinations by popularity
Theme Destination Region
Museums Ulsan Daegok Museum (울산대곡박물관) Ulju-gun Ulsan
Train Station Taehwagang Station (태화강역) Nam-gu Ulsan
Tourist Resorts Jangsaengpo Whale Culture Village (장생포 고래문화마을) Nam-gu Ulsan
Performing Arts Centers Ulsan Culture Art Center (울산문화예술회관) Nam-gu Ulsan
Walking Daewangam Park (대왕암공원) Dong-gu Ulsan
Mountains Sinbulsan Mountain (신불산) Ulju-gun Ulsan
Monuments Relics of Park Jesang (Chisanseowon Confucian Academy) (박제상 유적 (치산서원)) Ulju-gun Ulsan
Monuments Petroglyphs of Cheonjeon-ri, Ulju (울주 천전리 각석) Ulju-gun Ulsan
Museums Ulsan Petroglyph Museum (울산암각화박물관) Ulju-gun Ulsan
Exhibition & Memorial Halls Jangsaengpo Whale Life Experience Museum (장생포 고래생태체험관) Nam-gu Ulsan

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