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Introduction of Jeollanam-do
Jeollanam-do in the southwest of Korea is home to diverse tourist destinations. Top natural sites include Suncheonman Bay, a habitat for thousands of migratory birds, Boseong green tea fields, as well as the designated slow cities (Jeungdo Island, Cheongsando Island, Damyang). The National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage is the nation’s largest effort to preserve the maritime ecosystem. Also, the City of Yeongam has been hosting the F1 Korean Grand Prix since 2010. Finally, Jeollanam-do is also famous for seafood, Pansori and Arirang.
Recommended Destinations
Metasequoia-lined Road
Boseong Green Tea Field
Jindo Mysterious Sea Route
Dadohaehaesang National Park
Songgwangsa Temple
Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park

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List of all tourist destinations by popularity
Theme Destination Region
Museums Naju National Museum (국립나주박물관) Naju-si Jeollanam-do
Temples Manyeonsa Temple (Hwasun) (만연사(화순)) Hwasun-gun Jeollanam-do
Islands Gaudo Island (가우도) Gangjin-gun Jeollanam-do
Ecological Tourist Sites Cypress Forest Woodland (편백숲 우드랜드) Jangheung-gun Jeollanam-do
Beaches Yulpo Beach (Solbat Beach) (율포해수욕장(솔밭해변)) Boseong-gun Jeollanam-do
Temples Mihwangsa Temple / Dosolam (Haenam) (미황사/도솔암(해남)) Haenam-gun Jeollanam-do
Ecological Tourist Sites Dinosaur Tracksite of Hwasun, Seoyu-ri (화순 서유리 공룡발자국화석 산지) Hwasun-gun Jeollanam-do
Valleys Baegunsan Mountain Donggokgyegok Valley (백운산 동곡계곡) Gwangyang-si Jeollanam-do
Hanoks (Traditional Houses) Unjoru Historic House (구례 운조루 고택) Gurye-gun Jeollanam-do
Amusement Parks Wolchulsan Gichan Land (월출산 기찬랜드) Yeongam-gun Jeollanam-do

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