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Introduction of Jeollabuk-do
Jeollabuk-do is bountiful in traditional cultural heritages and historical sites. It is home to Namwon, the setting of the famous pansori ‘Chunhyangjeon,’ and Jeonju, a designated slow city famous for its hanok village and bibimbap. At Jeonju Hanok Village, which is a cluster of 700 traditional hanok homes, visitors can experience the traditional culture like wearing hanbok, eating Korean food, and using hanji paper. Some of the top nature sites in Jeollabuk-do include Naejangsan and Deogyusan National Parks, Byeonsanbando National Park, and Gucheondong Valley. Furthermore, the Muju Deogyusan Resort on Deogyusan Mountain is widely known as a great spot for winter sports.
Recommended Destinations
Byeonsanbando National Park
Jirisan Forest Trails
Deogyusan National Park
Jeondong Catholic Church
Jeonju Hanok Village
Jeonjuhyanggyo Confucian School

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List of all tourist destinations by popularity
Theme Destination Region
Industrial Tours Korea Traditional Culture Center (한국전통문화전당) Jeonju-si Jeollabuk-do
Industrial Tours Imsil Cheese Theme Park (임실치즈테마파크) Imsil-gun Jeollabuk-do
Industrial Tours Wanju Samrye Culture & Arts Village (완주 삼례문화예술촌) Wanju-gun Jeollabuk-do
Water Rafting Jeonju Hanok Rail Bike (전주한옥레일바이크) Jeonju-si Jeollabuk-do
Train Station Gimje Station (김제역) Gimje-si Jeollabuk-do
Cultural Districts Jaman Mural Village (자만벽화마을) Jeonju-si Jeollabuk-do
Museums Royal Portrait Museum (어진박물관) Jeonju-si Jeollabuk-do
Monuments Jeoksangsan National Archives Site (적상산사고지) Muju-gun Jeollabuk-do
Temples Munsusa Temple (Gochang) 문수사 (고창) Gochang-gun Jeollabuk-do
Islands Rajetongmun Gate (라제통문) Muju-gun Jeollabuk-do

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