Page Guide
Become a Korean travel expert.
Write a Story
Step 1. Click "Write a Story"!
Step 2. Upload photos and select story category
1) Upload photos
Tip: A maximum of 30 photos may be uploaded for each daily story. A maximum of 3 photos may be uploaded per entry,
with a maximum of 30 photos for each daily story.

2) Select a theme: Select a travel theme from the list.
3) Add a travel companion: Add your travel companion.
4) Select a region: Select your trip's region.
5) Choose a template: Choose the template you want to apply.
Step 3. Write "My Travel Story"
1) Title: Write a subtitle for each story.
2) Writing your travel story: You can upload the travel itinierary (from your 1st day up to your 7th day) of your trip and write up to 10 stories for each day.
3) Next Travel Course: Click to add your next travel course during one day of your travel.
4) Next Itinerary: Click here to write the next day's travel itinerary.
5) Done: Click to finish writing your travel story.
6) Travel Story Main Title: Write the main title of your entire story after clicking the "Done" button.
Tip: The "delete" function may be restricted while uploading a story, however "modify" and "delete" functions are available
in "My Travel Story" after your entire story is completed.
My Travel Planning
Step 1. Add entries to "My Wish List"
(You may also add an entire travel story to "My Wish List")
Step 2. Click "My Wish List" on the menu bar above
Step 3. Add entries/stories to "My Planner"
1) Click on an icon, and add entries/stories to "My Planner".
2) You can add up to 15 entries.
Step 4. View "My Planner"
1) Move on to "My Planner" then click a completed planner
on the list.
2) To view a list of stories in "My Planner," click on the arrow pointing to the left.
3) View details by clicking on an image on the list.
4) Drag an image and click "save" to change the order of the stories.
5) You may write additional information in the "Memo" section that can be modified. (Stories cannot be modified.)
6) Click "delete" to remove a story from "My Planner".
7) Choose whether to post a planner or not.
(Only posted planners will be shown when searching planners)
Step 5. Print "My Planner"