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  • Q: How can I edit/delete my story?

    A: ☞ Go to "My Page"
    You can check, edit, and/or delete your story.
    You can only edit the first entry of Day 1 in your entry.

  • Q: What is "My Page"?

    A: "Manage My Story": Lets you check, edit, and/or delete your story.
    "Planner": Lets you review the stories in "My Wish List", arrange the order of the stories, and add notes.

  • Q: What is "My Wish List"?

    A: You can add an unlimited number of travel stories written by others to your "My Wish List".
    By putting the stories from "My Wish List" to "My Planner", you can start planning your own trip.

  • Q: How can I upload photos?

    A: You can upload up to 3 photos per entry.
    All three pictures can be modified. However, main picture cannot be deleted. Uploaded pictures will be automatically resized.

  • Q: How can I write a story or post a comment?

    A: ☞ Click "Write a story".
    Story: Write your own travel story (maximum of 1,000 characters per entry).
    Comment: You can write multiple comments on one story (maximum 360 characters per comment). Rating is allowed only once per story.
    ☞ Choosing a template: Choose one among the 10 different templates available.

  • Q: How can I select tourist spots in Korea?

    A: ☞ Click "Select Region" ☞ Click the name of tourist spots, shopping centers, or cultural facilities.

  • Q: What is "My Planner"?

    A: You can plan your own trip to Korea on this page (photo album available).
    Read other travelers' stories ☞ Add entries/stories to "My Wish List" ☞ Select entries that you want and add them to "My Planner" (up to 15 entries) ☞ Go to the "My Planner" page and start planning your own trip to Korea (you can arrange the order and add notes)