1330 Korea Travel Hotline and Tourist Information Center

1330 Korea Travel Hotline

The 1330 Korea Travel Hotline, operated by the Korea Tourism Organization, is a one-stop helpline available as a public service for local and international travelers.

Knowledgeable and helpful staff provide assistance in Korean, English, Japanese, or Chinese to ensure each caller has a worry-free travel experience. The KTO 1330 Korea Travel Hotline provides information and services for most regions of Korea as well as interpretation services.

☎ How to Dial 1330
• From a Landline in Korea: 1330
• From a Mobile Phone: 02 + 1330


Tourist Information Center (TIC)

The Tourist Information Desk at the Tourism Information Center (TIC) of KTO offers useful information on travel in Korea. The TIC also features a Korean Wave Promotion Pavilion, a Korean Wave Shop, Korean Cuisine Promotion Pavilion, Medical Tourism Information Center, Korean Luxury Brands Shop, regional specialty shop, and travel agency information.

Tourist Information Center (TIC)

Travel Agency

Korean Wave
(Hallyu) Hall

Medical Tourism
Information Center

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TIC Travel Services
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