Jeju-do is the largest island in Korea, situated to the south of the country’s southern coastline. Jeju-do is known as the island of the “three many,” because it is famous for three things that it has historically had in abundance: wind, stone, and women.

The island stretches 73 kilometers from east to west and 31 kilometers from north to south. It is an oval-shaped volcanic island, with the 1,950 meter high Mount Hallasan rising in the center. Featuring seven key natural features - islands, volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, national parks, caves, and forests, Jeju-do was designated by the UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in 2002, a World Heritage Site in 2007, and a World Geopark in 2010. Jeju Island boasts such a variety of unique volcanic topography that it is called a ‘volcanic museum.’

The Best Attractions in Jeju-do

Hallasan Mountain

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak


Yongmeori Beach