2013 World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival

The World Traditional Medicine Fair in Sancheong will be held for 45 days from September 6, 2013 to October 20, 2013. It is a large-scale event with over 30 countries  participating.

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the publication of Donguibogam, now listed on the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register, this year’s fair will be held in Sancheong, Gyeongsangnam-do Province. Donguibogam is an encyclopedia of medical knowledge and treatment techniques unique to Korea.

The Donguibogam Village, the venue of the fair, is the Mecca of Oriental medicine in Korea and is promoted as a traditional medical tourist site.

The fair features eight exhibition halls, including the Yakseon Food Pavilion, Healing Town, Qi (Energy) Experience Hall, and Wild Herb Ecology Hall.

After visiting the fair's various facilities, visitors can take part in hands-on programs to make medicinal cosmetics, wild herb soap, or have a foot bath. They can also enjoy a wild herb bath, traditional restaurants, and Oriental clinics to learn more about the effects of traditional Oriental medicine.