Korea’s performing arts scene has continuously evolved. Places like the Seoul Arts Center, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, and the Olympic Stadium make Seoul a mecca for performing arts. Many performances by world-renowned artists are held there. The Hyehwa area in Seoul features a cluster of small theaters where performances are staged. 

The quality of performances is considerably high. Local productions have gone international. The original Korean musical Miso features Korean classical dance, music, and pungmul (traditional folk performance), showing the beauty and sentiments of Korea. The musical was invited to international events like the World UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education, the Shanghai Expo, the Korea-Japan Festival, and the G20 Summit, and has been widely acclaimed for its international appeal.

Nanta is a popular non-verbal performance using kitchen tools like knives and chopping boards. Every year, it attracts about 680,000 international spectators. This powerful performance received the highest ratings at the 1999 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where its first international performance was held. In February 2004, it became the first Asian performance to be successfully staged on Broadway. 

Jump is a combination of Korean martial arts, advanced acrobatics, and comedy. In 2005, it placed number one at the UK Edinburgh Fringe Festival box office. It was also successfully staged in the US, Singapore, Thailand, and China.