Religion & Beliefs

Religion - Religions in co-existence

There are two major religions in Korea: Buddhism, which dates back 1,600 years, and Christianity, which has about 200 years of history in Korea. These religions coexist with other religions such as the Cheondo religion and Won Buddhism, which are unique to Korea. 

Buddhism thrived in the 6th and 7th century A.D., leaving many valuable cultural contributions in architecture, sculpture, fine arts, and craftwork. Confucianism became the main ideology when the Joseon Dynasty was established in 1392, greatly influencing the Korean people’s lifestyle, laws, and other aspects of the culture.

Christianity first came to Korea in the form of Catholicism in 1784. It was viewed as a science from the West and not as missionary work. Protestant missionaries arrived in the country in 1882. The Protestant population in Korea is approximately 8.6 million, and the Catholic population is currently 5.1 million.