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Terms and Conditions concerning the use of VisitKorea

Terms and Conditions concerning the use of VisitKorea
( (“the Terms”)

Chapter I General

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms is to set out the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the Korea Tourism Organization and those of the users, and other necessary matters concerning the use of the VisitKorea service ("the Service") provided by the Korea Tourism Organization (“us” or “we,” as the case may be).

Article 2 (Effectuation)

  1. ① These Terms shall take effect upon our posting a notice of such on the service screen and upon the member’s consenting to them.
  2. ② We may amend these Terms in such a way that does not violate the relevant laws (i.e. The Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act; The Telecommunications Business Act; The Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc; The Personal Information Protection Act).
  3. ③ In the event of our making an amendment to these Terms, we shall put up a public notice concerning the existing Terms, the amended Terms, the date of application of the amended Terms, and the reason for such amendment on our service homepage for a considerable period of time from 7 days before the application, or for a considerable period of time from 30 days before the application if the amended contents are disadvantageous to members.
  4. ④ If a member does not express his/her non-acceptance of the amended Terms within 7 days of the implementation of the amended Terms despite such statement included in our notice of the amended Terms as stated in the foregoing ③, then it shall be deemed that the relevant member has approved the amended Terms. A member’s non-acceptance of the amended Terms may result in termination of the Service use contract under Article 6, Paragraph ① herein.

Article 3 (Definitions)

The following terms used in these Terms shall have the following meanings:

  1. ① “Users” refers to persons who use the Service regardless of their membership status.
  2. ② “Member” refers to an individual, corporation, or an organization similar to it endowed with an ID upon signing a Service use contract with us. There are four types of members: Korean individual members; foreign individual members; Korean group members; foreign group members.
  3. ③ “Non-member” refers to persons who use the Service without signing up for membership.
  4. ④ “Identification (ID)” refers to a combination of letters and numbers chosen by the member and approved by the Company for identification purposes upon accessing the Service.
  5. ⑤ "Password" refers to a combination of letters and numbers selected by a member for the protection of his/her personal information.
  6. ⑥ "Termination” refers to an act of putting a stop to the use of the Service either by the Company or by a member.

Chapter II Membership

Article 4 (Membership Application)

A user may apply for membership by filling in the form provided by us and expressing his/her consent to these Terms, which shall be approved by us.

Article 5 (Revision of Personal Information)

Members may check and revise their personal information kept by us at any time through the personal information management screen. Any problems arising as a consequence of their failure to correct the personal information submitted to us at the time of Service application shall lie with the relevant members.

Article 6 (Membership Withdrawal and Restriction on Service Use)

  1. ① In the event of a member’s withdrawal of his/her Service use contract, we shall delete his/her personal information kept by us under the relevant law and the Personal Information Handling Guidelines. Those wishing to reapply for membership shall follow the procedure anew. If one of the following is the case, we may suspend the membership status of the person concerned temporarily and refuse to approve his/her reapplication for membership.
    1. 1. Provision of false information at the time of membership application;
    2. 2. Disturbance of the order in electronic transactions, including hampering others’ use of the Service or fraudulent use of the relevant information;
    3. 3. Perpetration of any act intended to disturb the Service, including tampering with the information provided through the Service;
    4. 4. Defamation of a specific individual, organization or country, thus causing diplomatic friction;
    5. 5. Perpetration of any act prohibited by the law or these Terms or an act that goes against long-established social customs;
    6. 6. Violation of Article 11 or 12.
  2. ② We reserve the right to withdraw the member’s membership if the person concerned fails to take remedial action after we suspend his/her membership temporarily.

Chapter III Service Use

Article 7 (Types of Service)

The Service shall be divided into the Basic Service and the Ancillary Service, whose respective details shall be fixed separately.

Article 8 (Service Hours)

  1. ① We shall provide the Service around the clock, except when there is a need to suspend or stop the Service either partially or wholly due to an operational or technological problem, in which case we shall inform the users thereof in advance.
  2. ② We may split the Service into certain categories and set the Service hours for each category. In such a case, we shall provide the details thereof in advance.

Article 9 (Service Discontinuity)

We may change or stop the whole or part of the Service for business/operational/ technical reasons. In such a case, we shall provide the details thereof in advance.

Chapter IV Obligations and Responsibilities

Article 10 (Our Obligation)

  1. ① We shall do our best to provide the Service stably and uninterruptedly and shall not engage in any acts prohibited in these Terms or any acts which violate long-established social customs.
  2. ② We shall handle members’ complaints about the Service without delay. When it is difficult to handle a complaint immediately, we shall explain the situation to the member, along with the timetable for its handling.
  3. ③ We shall not send commercial e-mails to our members without obtaining their prior consent.
  4. ④ We shall not disclose to a third party the members’ personal information, which we have acquired in the course of providing the Service, without obtaining their prior consent and shall do our best to protect such information under the relevant law and the Personal Information Handling Guidelines.

Article 11 (Members’ Obligations)

Members shall not engage in the following acts:

  1. ① Provision of false information at the time of application;
  2. ② Fraudulent use of information on others;
  3. ③ Unauthorized tampering with the information provided by us;
  4. ④ Transmission or putting up of information, such as computer programs, other than what is provided by us through the Service;
  5. ⑤ Infringement of the Company’s or a third party’s intellectual property rights;
  6. ⑥ Any act that tarnishes our or a third party’s reputation or disturbs our or a third party’s business;
  7. ⑦ Use of obscene or violent messages, images, or voice, or putting up of information that violates long-established social customs on the Service;
  8. ⑧ Use of the Service for commercial purposes without our prior consent;
  9. ⑨ Other illegal or unjust acts.

Article 12 (No Transfer)

Members shall not transfer their right to use the Service or their status related to the Service use contract to a third party; nor shall they offer what is stated in the foregoing sentence as collateral.

Article 13 (Rights and Responsibilities concerning Contents Used in the Service)

  1. ① All rights for the relevant contents shall belong to VisitKorea in the event that such agreement has been made between VisitKorea and the contents provider. However, all rights and responsibilities, including copyright, concerning the materials put up through the community and bulletin board and the like shall belong to the member who has put them up, and we shall have the right to put them up in the Service.
  2. ② Members shall not use any materials put up on the Service commercially, including processing or selling the information obtained through the Service. Members who intend to use such materials for a non-commercial purpose shall obtain our consent in advance.
  3. ③ We shall not be responsible for the contents of materials posted on the Service or transmitted or received by members, or for any consequences arising as a result of the posting, transmission or receipt of such contents. We reserve the right to delete what is put up on the Service in the event of any one of the following:
    1. 1. Content intended to tarnish others’ honor or reputation or infringe others’ privacy;
    2. 2. Content intended to disturb the public order or long-established social customs;
    3. 3. Content that hampers or is feared will hamper stable operation of the Service;
    4. 4. Content suspected of being of a criminal nature;
    5. 5. Content infringing on our or a third party’s intellectual property right or other rights;
    6. 6. Content intended for a commercial purpose, including the advertisement of specific goods;
    7. 7. Content associated with an act of tampering with input information;
    8. 8. Content associated with the fraudulent use of other members’ ID or password;
    9. 9. Content not suited to the purpose of the bulletin board, such as cyber-based protest or demonstration;
    10. 10. Content in violation of the relevant laws.
  4. ④ The members hereby agree that VisitKorea may put limitations on the storage capacity or validity period of the contents stored within My Page and stop the user’s access to or delete My Page if it remains inactive for a certain period of time.

Article 14 (Indemnity)

  1. ① We shall not be held responsible for our inability to provide the Service in the event of a force majeure situation, including acts of God.
  2. ② We shall not be held responsible for any problems with Service use due to a reason for which a member is responsible.  
  3. ③ We shall not be held responsible for the reliability or accuracy of any information, materials or facts put up by a member on the Service.  
  4. ④ We shall not be held responsible for the results of any transactions carried out between members or between a member and a third party on the Service.

Article 15 (Court of Competent Jurisdiction)

These Terms shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea. Should there arise a lawsuit between us and a member over the Service use, it shall be submitted before the court having competent jurisdiction over the area in which the Company’s headquarters is located.

Article 16 (Others)

Matters not stipulated in these Terms shall follow the relevant law or generally accepted commercial practices.

Consent to KTO’s collection and use of personal information

Consent to KTO’s collection and use of personal information

  1. 1. Purpose: Provision of travel information and management of online members
  2. 2. Personal information items collected:
    • - Mandatory: nationality, language, name, ID, password, gender, date of birth, address, email address, consent to receive newsletter
      ※ Additional required information for tour groups: organization’s name and email address, organization head's name, primary phone number and email address
    • - Optional: local phone number, mobile phone number, interests
      ※ Additional required information for tour groups: name, position and department of the tour group manager, affiliated institution's information (homepage url, foundation year, and a brief statement about the institution)
  3. 3. How to collect: Via subscription to membership
  4. 4. Period of keeping personal information: From the date of consent until withdrawal of consent or our cancellation
Do you agree to the above?

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