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  • travel Travel Info 26
    K-POP Camp (케이팝 캠프)
    •, English, Japanese, Chinese) KMC music academy, T.I.P Dance Academy K-POP CAMP offers dance and vocal courses, along with audition processing courses where the participant...
    • Attractions>Events | Jul 17, 2015
    K-Pop Hologram (케이팝홀로그램)
    • K-Pop culture and high-tech visual technology, the virtual avatars of your favorite stars are projected right onto a stage! Experience the sensation of a live concert with stage performance so real y...
    • Attractions>Events | May 08, 2015
  • news News 453
    K-Pop Stars Taking Korean Musicals on Asian Tour
    • K-Pop Stars Taking Korean Musicals on Asian Tour K-Pop Stars Taking Korean Musicals on Asian Tour Producers are turning to leading K-pop bands and targeting overseas audiences in a bid to reinvigorat...
    • Culture>Entertainment>News | Jun 23, 2011
    K-Pop Music Fest heats up Sydney's ANZ Stadium on 12 November
    • K-POP KOREAN MUSIC FESTIVAL HEATS UP SYDNEY’S ANZ STADIUM ON 12 NOVEMBER WIN A TRIP TO KOREA AND TICKETS TO THE FESTIVAL Twelve of Korea’s top K-Pop (Korean pop music) bands will visit Sydney for...
    • KTO Overseas Offices>Sydney>What's Happening | Sep 06, 2011
  • article Articles 53
    K-pop 목차
    • Korean Pop Music, or K-pop as it is commonly known, is currently Asia’s hottest music industry. Fans all over the world have been captivated by K-pop stars' good looks, amazing dance moves, and...
    • Culture>Entertainment>K-Pop>Singers | Nov 15, 2011
    How to apply for K-Pop Music Shows
    • KPOP Music Shows: How to Apply for Tickets As Korean K-pop continues to spread worldwide, there have been an increasing number of inquiries on how to take part in TV music programs produced by major ...
    • Culture>Entertainment>K-Pop>How to apply for K-Pop Music Shows | Jul 08, 2011
  • and so onOthers 7
    Gyeonggi-do has proposed that it will lend an 80,000-㎡ lot, free of charge, for the construction of a K-pop concert hall.
    • K-pop concert hall. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism plans to build a 15,000-seat K-pop concert hall by injecting KRW 25 billion plus KRW 175 billion financed by the government and the pr...
    • Services>Korea Tourism Investment>Media Service>News | Dec 24, 2012
    E-Land Named Developer of Jeju Theme Park
    • K-Pop Town, which will accommodate a multi-entertainment park, a K-Pop concert hall and a Hallyu Star Street. An international convention center and a star-chef restaurant will be established by 20...
    • Services>Korea Tourism Investment>Media Service>News | Apr 19, 2013

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