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Introduction of tourism investment object

Main Introduction of tourism investment object All
Samho Zone(Yeongam・Haenam Tourism and Leisure City)

Business Outline

Area 8,661,000㎡
Business Period 2006 ~ 2025
Business Expense 1 trillion 602.5 billion won
Main Body of Business Southwestern Ocean Leisure(CO.)
Address Entire Area of Samho Eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeonnam


Development Plan

1) Concept

The project aims to develop a sustainable town where residents can live in wonderful natural environment and visitors cany enjoy a variety of leisure and tourism activities based on the environment-friendly urban development of promoting a carbon neutral town.

2) Facilities

Facility and Area
Zone Area(1000 ㎡) Ratio(%) Main facilities
TOTAL 8,661 100.0
Residence 1,381 15.9 Detached houses, apartments
Business 148 1.7 Commercial facilities
Industry 299 3.5 Facilities for new energy research and R&D
Accomodations 64 0.7 Condominiums
Tourism 3,249 37.5 Resorts, theme parks, sports zone, horse-riding tracks, marinas, golf courses, etc.
Service facilities, etc. 67 0.8
Pubic facilities 2,761 31.9 Roads, parks, green space, squares, waterways
Reserve 692 8.0 Roads, parks, green space

3) Land Use Plan

samho zone Land Use Plan
< Diagram for Land Use Plan >

Project Progress

2005.08  'Tour-leisure Company City' selected as a demonstration project

2005.12  Land transactions permitted in the area

2009.10  The development area of the Samho District designated and the development plan approved

2013.12  The ground-breaking ceremony of ‘SolaSeaDo’, the development project of Southwest Coast Tourism and Leisure City held

2014.05  The Samho District development plan changed and the implementation plan approved

2014.07  The construction of a driveway to the area and golf courses started


- Reclamation right over 97.3 percent of the surface of public water secured 97.3% and private land expected to be purchased after consultations with land owners
- Public Investment includes public cultural facilities, public government buildings, squares, green space, etc.
- Private Investment includes sports zone, resort zone, marinas, horse-riding tracks, commercial facilities, etc.

2025     The project expected to be completed