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Introduction of tourism investment object

Main Introduction of tourism investment object All
Naejang Mt. Resort

Business Outline

Area 1,587,074㎡
Business Period 2005 ~ 2017
Business Expense 322.7 billion won(Jeongup-si 42 billion won, the Korea National Tourism Organization 44 billion won, Private 236.7 billion won)
Main Body of Business Jeongup-si / Korea Tourism Organization
Address Yongsan-dong, Sinjeong-dong, Jeongup-si, Jeonbuk(Yongsan Lake Nearby)

Development Plan

1) Land Use Plan

Naejang Mt. Resort Land Use Plan
< Land Use Plan >

2) Concepts

The project aims to boost the image that Mt. Naejang is well known for its autumn leaves, and to develop a resort in all the seasons composed of the Refresh Zone of culture and recreation, the Wellness Zone of beauty and leisure sports, and the Multiplex Zone of food and entertainment, turning itself into the mecca of nature and health.

3) Facilities

Zone Area(1000 ㎡) Ratio(%) Main facilities
TOTAL 1,587,074 100.0
Public amenities 122,687 7.7 Visitor center, public parking lot, roads, square, etc.
Accomodations 135,604 9.2 Hotel Highland, Villa Elysium, Resort Home, Cloud Hills
Commerce 43,031 2.8 F&C Mall, waterside commercial distirct, Autumn Leaves Beauty Restaurant
Sports & entertainment 935,550 58.9 Golf club, Spa Park
Culture & recreation 36,755 1.6 Blooming Garden, event hall
Etc. 313,447 19.8 Green space, etc.

4) Plot Plan

Naejang Mt.. Resort Plot Plan
< Plot Plan >

Project Progress

2003.12  Jeongeup-si and KTO signed the development agreement of the Naejangsan Resort

2006.06  The development plan approved by the government of Jeollabuk-do

2007.09  The land for the KT&G Training Center (11,660㎡) sold

2008.03  The ground-breaking ceremony of infrastructure construction held

2013.09  The permission to build the KT&G Training Center granted

2014.09  The presentation on the resort held

2014.11  The infrastructure construction completed and the infrastructure planned to be transferred to Jeongup-si

2015.04  The changes of the development plan announced, the urban management plan established, and the cadastral map publicly notified

2015.07  The land for gold courses sold to Daeil Development Co., Ltd.

Investment Performance

As of December 2015, the installment contracts of 11 facilities (2 inns, 5 pensions, and 4 commercial districts) and total sales rate to 85%.ompleted

As of June 2016, a total of 90.1 billion KRW invested; 42.0 by Jeongeup, 45.9 by KTO, and 4.0 in private investment